Bradbury Activity Centre Visit

We visited the NNAB Bradbury Activity Centre and had a really enjoyable morning learning all about the specialist equipment that is available for visually impaired people.  Ed Bates who visited our school recently, gave us a tour of the centre.  We looked at equipment to help people in the kitchen, when they are cooking or making a cup of tea. How can you tell what is inside a tin when they all feel the same?  A talking tin lid does the job!   We tried on special glasses that reduce the glare from bright lights.  There are special alarm clocks, calculators, watches and computers that speak!  Ed let us experiment with a device that tells you the colour of your clothes!  We had an unexpected visit from Maura who brought her guide dog Bramble to meet us.  Maura explained how you should never touch a guide dog that is wearing a harness as that means it is working and mustn’t be disturbed!  Brambles had changed Maura’s life and had even saved her life!  As a parting gift, Ed used his Braille machine to type our names onto a piece of card for us to keep as a souvenir of our visit.

We would like to say a big thank you to Ed and the team at the NNAB Bradbury Activity Centre.  It was a fantastic experience and we learnt so much!  Enjoy our photos!

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