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Summer Term - Second Half

Today the circus came to St. Augustine's! Circus Sensible set up their Big Top on the field, in which the whole school assembled for a very entertaining show of magic, juggling and balloon modelling. Pupils and staff were 'volunteered' to participate, including our own Mrs Graveling! 
After a quick break for a drink and snack back in the Nursery, we went into the hall for a circus skills workshop. We started by moving with scarves and throwing them up into the air, then had a go at balancing a peacock's feather on our hand, followed by plate spinning. The session finished with some of the children demonstrating the skills that they had been learning and some juggling by the entertainer. 
A very enjoyable morning was had by all.

Singing and dancing to 'When I was one...'

We love dressing up - this time as pirates.  We drew a treasure map together and then our own, in small groups. We also made telescopes, dug for treasure (letters to recognise and say the sound of) in the sand and undertook a challenge to see how many jewels could be sorted in one minute, using a sand timer. Outside we created our own pirate ship, complete with a teddy figurehead, surrounded by the 'sea'  and a desert island! There was even a small world pirate ship in the water tray. There was lots of roleplay going on, including pirates stealing treasure and being chased. At the end of the morning, we sang and danced to 'When I was one...' and did the CBeebies Swashbuckle salute.

We had lots of fun practising balancing, hopping, throwing, crawling, jumping, controlling a ball using a stick and by kicking and running before and during our Sports Day. Thank you to our families, who supported and cheered us on!

This half term Macy's Grandad came into Nursery to tell us about Scotland and Milena's Dad about Poland. We made and ate Polish Honey cake.

As in previous years, the school arranged to have duck eggs for the children to watch hatching and to experience seeing and touching the ducklings. We went to see the eggs in the incubator and revisited them as they began to hatch. Once their feathers had dried out, the ducklings were removed from the incubator into the cage. At first, the ducklings huddled together underneath the heater. After a day or two, when they were big enough to handle, we gently took one from the cage for the children to stroke. Before the ducklings returned to the farm, we brought them into the Nursery classroom. We sat in a circle and everyone had the opportunity to stroke or hold one of them, before we let them have a paddle in a tray of water. Afterwards, we had a go at painting a picture of a duckling.

Summer Term - First Half

Africa Week

We had a fantastic week, preparing for our 'trip' by making passports and binoculars. We 'checked in' at the airport, before boarding 'Flight Nursery' to 'Africa', even watching a YouTube video of children giving the flight safety talk! We arrived on 'Safari Day' and travelled by 'jeep', spotting animals using our 'binoculars', then entered the 'hide' to watch more animals. The afternoon children spent some time at the 'safari campsite', 'cooking' on the 'campfire' and singing songs, before 'going to sleep' in the tents. During the week, some parents came into Nursery to tell us about their home countries in Africa, showing us costumes and artefacts and bringing in some very tasty food for us to try - a BIG THANK YOU to all of them. Other activities included drawing animals, drumming and playing with the small world airport and African landscape.

Caterpillars to Butterflies

The caterpillars arrived in their pots on 26th April, looking like tiny threads. At first they did not grow very much but, as soon as the weather warmed up, they started to get bigger quite quickly, eating the special food from the bottom of the pot. The children were able to look closely at the caterpillars, some using magnifying glasses.

When the caterpillars were ready to turn into butterflies, they climbed to the top of the pot and, hanging down from the lid, they shed their skin. Underneath is another skin which hardens. This is the pupa or chrysalis stage. Mrs Boys removed the lids from the pots and placed them inside the habitat net.

On Thursday (25th May) morning, we discovered that the first Painted Lady butterflies had hatched. Once their wings had dried, they began to flutter around inside their net home.

Today (Friday) it was time to release them. We took the net outside and watched excitedly as the butterflies left their temporary home and flew away.

We listened to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We retold the story during a drama session, with groups of children playing the different characters. We also dressed up to recreate the story in our own ways.

Following on from our Jack and the beanstalk theme and visit to Norwich Castle, we learned more about castles, by looking at books and building our own using wooden blocks. After seeing the well at the castle, we experimented ways of moving water using buckets, ropes, tubes and guttering. The roleplay area in the classroom continued as castle and we played with a small world castle with knights and their horses to support story-telling. We even had a go at our own version of medieval dancing!

We enjoyed a fantastic visit to Norwich Castle Museum, travelling there and back by coach. We began by looking at all the animals, big and small, in the Natural History Galleries. Some children pretended to be a animal, whilst others explored what they felt like. Then we moved on to look at the special exhibition of dolls's houses and dress up to 'work' in a 1840s kitchen. Finally we went into the Castle Keep, becoming knights and royals, seeing Snap the dragon and dropping pennies down the well. The Keep gave us a feel of what castle life might have been like in the old days; we observed the thick stone walls, the communal toilets and the arrow slits. Our trip will support our learning about castles back in Nursery.

Spring Term - Second Half


We had a lovely RE session with the Ignite (the Diocese of East Anglia Youth Mission team). They spoke to the children about Prayer, sang songs, did some dancing and movement. The children then drew a picture of someone they wanted to pray for during Lent onto a heart. They then placed their heart on a special cloth in front of the cross and placed a (battery operated) candle next to it, after which we had a few minutes in silence to think about that person and to pray for them. The children were very well behaved and a lovely atmosphere was created. One child said the session was "amazing"!

Italian Week

We celebrated the heritage of two of our Nursery children by having an ''Italian Week'. We painted flags and looked at pictures of famous Italian buildings, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum. We had a go at building our own versions. then looked at photographs of them on the big screen, talking about our creations and deciding which looked most like the real building. We made pizzas from paper and real ones, which we enjoyed for snack.

'Little Monsters'

This half term we are focusing on these three monster stories:

Spring Term - First Half


Here is a selection of activities and experiences which the children have been doing whilst learning about winter:

Autumn Term - Second Half

'Our First Nativity'

Autumn Term - First Half 

To finish off the first half term we have had 'Spanish week'. In nursery, every half term we have a language focus and base activities around the language and the country's traditions. We have three children at the moment in nursery that speak Spanish so they helped us learn some Spanish words and to count to 5! We also painted the Spanish flag, dressed in flamenco dresses and danced, and for snack we tried some delicious tortilla. To end the week we were lucky enough for a Spanish parent to visit us and talk to us about Spain and sing Spanish rhymes. 

We have continued to enjoy the Superhero's theme, the children have enjoyed lots of activities including -

measuring superhero's - using unifix blocks to measure how tall the superhero's are. 

Rescuing the tied up superheros - Can the children untie and tie up the superhero's

Rescuing Superhero's from the goo' - Using tweezers to fish out the mini superhero's from the coloured pasta. 

Catching the Villains - Throwing numbered bean bags at the villains. 

Making superhero's capes and superpower wrist bands

Making superhero vehicles from wooden blocks and other materials. 

And to finish the topic off we had a wonderful superhero day where parents came along for a play and stay session and joined in the fun. We had a wonderful photo shoot capturing the children flying over Costessey Village - even staff and Father David had a go!

Some of the children expressed an interest in superhero's! So, we transformed Daisy Cottage into a Superhero hideout with dressing up capes to play with. We've also been busy making masks and other accessories with junk modelling. The children have come up with some lovely ideas. 

The start of the school year has been very busy so far, the children have settled in brilliantly and have had lots of fun playing and making new friends.

Here is a sample of what they have been up to....