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Summer Term - Second Half 

We were very lucky to go to Bewilderwood at the end of term, the children really enjoyed it and loved playing there. What a lovely ending to a fantastic year! 

We had a teddy bears picnic and invited parents to come along and share the food the children made. The children helped make sandwiches and teddy bear biscuits that they decorated. We had a lovely time sitting on the field eating our snack and listening to bear stories. Our nursery bear Bearemy even came along!

In the last few weeks of the school year we have been learning all about mini beasts.  The children went on a mini beast hunt around the nursery to see what they could find. We read various books relating to mini beasts such as The Bugliest Bug, The Very hungry Caterpillar, and The Very Busy Spider. When we read What the Ladybird heard, we built a farm and included all the animals and characters to retell the story and drew maps of where the robbers went in the story.  

We made a snail snack by mushing up lettuce and painting onto a clear container, the children could watch the snails moving and eating.

Our language focus for this half term was Slovak. A Slovak parent very kindly came in and talked to the children about Slovakia. We learned to count to 5, say hello and goodbye in Slovak, danced to traditional folk music and we tried some delicious traditional food.

Following on from the pirate songs the children sung on the family fun evening, we had lots of fun being pirates!

The children made their own pirate ship using tubes, boxes and crates, there imaginations went wild. We set up a pirate ship role play area and everyone had a chance to dress up as a pirate, and in the sand pit we were digging for treasure.

To round off the topic we had 'Pirate Day'. We invited parents and carers in for the morning, children dressed up as pirates once again and we made telescopes and drew treasure maps. The children were very lucky to have a pirate ship bouncy castle to enjoy too!

We started off this half term thinking about dinosaurs and paleontology, we set up a paleontologist head quarters outside and the children had to dig for bones in the sandpit and carefully extract them without breaking them. They tried to piece the bones together to work out what type of dinosaur it was.  

We also had fun making dinosaur junk models and finding dinosaurs stuck in sticky jelly. 

Following on from the story Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs goes wild, where Harry visits a safari park and decides he wants to campaign to save the animals, we also started thinking about endangered animals. The children played in the new jungle role play and talked about what animals they thought are endangered, they had to walk around the playground searching for endangered animals and thought about which ones they would like to save. 

The children copied Harry from the story and drew an endangered animal, which was made into a card we hope to sell to parents in order to raise money to adopt an animal from WWF. 

Here are some photographs to show what the children have done. 

Summer term - First Half 

We have continued to look at traditional stories including The Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

The children have been playing games counting buttons on the gingerbread men, working together as a team getting the gingerbread man across the river and painting giant gingerbread men. 

Look at the photo's below showing their work. 

Our activities for Goldilocks and the Three Bears included making and eating porridge, putting numbered bears in the correct order, making bears, making beds for our special teddy bears and retelling the story by acting out the characters. 

Our photos below show what fun they have had. 

Our language focus this half term is Italian, and we had a wonderful week talking about Italian buildings and making Colosseum's with wooden blocks, tasting Italian food, making Pizza, painted the Italian flag and, with the help of an Italian parent, learned to count to 5 in Italian and heard The Three Little Pigs in Italian. 

As part of our RE work the children made ribbon streamers to celebrate the good news that Jesus was still alive! 

We have started the Summer Term learning about Jack and the Beanstalk and will continue to look at other traditional stories throughout the term.

The children have enjoyed taking part in lots of activities based on the story including planting broad beans, making a Jack and the Beanstalk story map, sequencing the story, painting giants, and lots more. 

We held a story cafe and invited parents to come and join in with the children making bean shakers and eating 'beanstalk cheese straws' that the nursery children made. 

Here are some photographs showing our activities - 

Spring Term - Second Half


This half term our focus language has been Spanish. The children have enjoyed learning hello, goodbye and counting in Spanish! 

We've had wonderful Spanish food to try including traditional Spanish biscuits, Tortilla and tapas of melon wrapped in Serrano ham. The children also painted the Spanish flag, danced to traditional music dressed in flamenco dresses. 


As part of our RE work, the children learned all about the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand with loaves and fish. The children worked hard on decorated fish, painted loaves of bread, and painted Jesus, which we displayed on our RE table. 


We were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Walters, who brought in the beautiful Diocesan Mother of Mercy icon, made by the students of Notre Dame. The children enjoyed learning the words and signs to a song all about mercy. The children each made a flower which they placed on a special cloth to symbolise giving our love to Mary and Jesus.


We've been having lots of fun learning all about 'Little Monsters'. We've focused on some monster stories, 'Not now Bernard' 'Where the wild things are' and 'Two Monsters'. We've had activities based on these stories including painting monsters, 'feed the monster', re-enacting Max's boat reaching the land where the wild things are and our small world area was a monster land. 

Spring Term - First Half 

Pancake Day! 

The children enjoyed making their own pancakes. They had to follow instructions to make the batter, and then enjoyed the cooked pancake for snack. Yum yum! 

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Polish - Our focus Language for this half term


We were very excited to learn lots about Poland for our language focus for this half term. The children took part in numerous activities including making the Polish flag, eating Polish traditional donuts (Paczki) and learning Polish folk dances.

We were very lucky to have a Polish parent come in and read us all a story in Polish and showed us what the traditional dress looked like 

Here are a few pictures of what the children enjoyed - 



Winter Focus


The start of our Spring Term has been all about Winter, Ice and the film Frozen, which the children have really enjoyed.

The activities have included -

Counting Snowballs - the children had to recognise a number on a card, then with tweezers pick out the correct number of snowballs.

Dressing up as Elsa, Anna and Krisoff in our role play Frozen Castle.

Looking at Ice - we were fortunate enough to have ice in the playground that the children held and talked about what happens to ice as it warms up.

Making dens for winter animals from duplo bricks in the sand pit. 

Painting with frozen paint, the children saw what happened as the paint began to melt.

Made paper plate snowmen, the children sewed around the edges, then decorated them. 

Practicing writing letters and numbers in 'snow' flour.


Have a look at our pictures showing some of their work - 

Autumn Term -Second Half

'Our First Nativity'


The children learnt about the Christmas Story. We read stories and played with a wooden nativity set, which told how Jesus was born and who came to visit him. The children did so well in our nativity performance. They worked so hard and all sang beautifully. 



We were very lucky to have a visit to the church. Father David was there to greet us and show us around. The children enjoyed the trip very much. 

The start of term has already been very busy. We've been learning about Autumn. We had several 'Autumn walks' around the field, collecting leaves to use in our 'potions'. We have been making potions as part of our focus story 'Room on the broom'.

We've focused on Diwali and made beautiful creations including Kandil Lanterns,mehndi patterns, doing a fire dance and drawing Rangoli patterns in the playground. Here are a few photos showing our activities. 

Autumn Term - First Half

 'Play and Stay' Session

This week we invited the parents in for our first 'Play and Stay' session. This is a lovely opportunity for the parents to come in for an hour and play with their child. This session was all about Elmer the Elephant, and we created lots of activities around the story. 


Parent comments include:-

'This session is very good, as a parent seeing your child learning and reacting is wonderful. Well done.'

Very enjoyable and informative morning.'

'I really enjoyed this morning and I like the activity.'

'Brilliant! Gives the parents a chance to see their child in action at Nursery. My child thought it was great to show me all the things he plays with.'

'Lovely to see them in their environment and enjoying all the activities that are on offer.'

'Its good to have this kind of session with the parents and children. To know their learning and what they usually do at school. Also making friends with other parents. I am happy to see my daughter is happy and getting along with everyone.' 



Our Body

This week we have been learning about 'Our Body and Our Senses' and took part in lots of fun activities including drawing around our body, going on listening walks and tasting new foods. 

The children had great fun drawing around our bodies and then drawing on detail such as faces, clothes and fingers. 

The children have enjoyed going in small groups on a 'listening walk'. We made 'ear headbands' to help us hear all the different sounds around the school. 

The children enjoyed the opportunity to taste some interesting food, including Sharon fruit, Carrot sticks with Houmous, Pomegranate,

and Passion fruit.

Some they liked and some they didn't, but they all had a go! 



Nursery 'Builders'

We have been very interested in the building work that has been going on outside the Nursery playground. In order to find out more about it we asked Andy, the Foreman of the building team, to come in to Nursery and tell us about what’s happening. Andy told us why the big hole had been dug in the ground and about the materials that were being used to build the new classrooms. He asked us to think about what the new classrooms would need in them, such as toilets, sinks and windows. The children asked Andy questions like, why he needed his high-vis jacket and hard-hat, and what he had for lunch.

We have been acting out being builders in our role-play area outside. Next week it’s ‘Concrete Day’ and we’re looking forward to seeing the diggers and dumpers at work pouring and laying the concrete.

Activities based on the story Owl Babies 

One of our key texts this half term is ‘Owl Babies’. We listened to, joined in with, and acted out the story using props and puppets. Next we made nests for baby ‘owls’ out of naturals materials.

The children enjoyed making their own owl babies using feathers and other materials, this made a lovely class display. We also used the computer to find out about different types of owls in England and around the world.

Our activities so far this Autumn 

Exploring mark marking

Making relationships

Maths activities 

Exploring using our senses 

Physical challenges

Talking and Listening


Summer Term - Second Half

Nursery Class Prize Winners 2014-15


We celebrated the end of the year with a Pirate Day






Our teddies came to visit for a Teddy Bears Picnic.

We ate lettuce sandwiches and teddy bear biscuits, grown and made in the Nursery.



'What the ladybird heard' Story Cafe

Parent's comments included:

"Once again nice to spend time in the Nursery and to see children during activities, like glueing, that they might not get the opportunity to do at home."

"It was engaging and fun."

"Lovely activity." "I have enjoyed spending time with my child, making crafts together."

"Very good engaging activity. Good use of directed questioning to involve all children. Nice feed into additional creative activities."

"It was a great opportunity to see [my child] enjoy his time during story time." "Just keep doing your great work."

"Again, lots of fun for adult and child. We love it."



We built dens, both in the classroom and outside on Den Building Day

Summer Term - First Half

Thank you to everybody who helped with our wonderful trip to Norwich Castle this week!

We participated in lots of fun activities and have spent the rest of this week creating castle related things such as princess and prince crowns and our own cardboard castles!

Open Classroom - 30/04/2015


We invited our parents into our classroom again to see what we get up to. We had been learning all about Fairy tales, and in particular Jack and the Beanstalk. We had plenty of activities to do whilst our Mummies and Daddies were here.

It seemed as though our parents enjoyed it too! They left very good feedback!


"Children's involvement in the class was good (actually excellent!). The children followed the instructions very well and the classroom leading was excellent".

"Very good idea having open classroom, I have enjoyed finding out more about what the children do. Such a big variety of things to do and learn. Enjoyed the morning."

"Very nice to see all children playing/learning together. A good opportunity to speak with teachers and parents. Very nice atmosphere".

"It's always nice to see what the children get up to, and I think my son enjoyed making his shaker with me".

"Really enjoyed seeing my son and what he enjoys doing. Such a great variety of things for him to engage in and explore".

"My daughter seems a lot more confident during this open classroom and seems to be really comfortable with everybody. I have no further suggestions as she is excelling brilliantly since being in nursery. I am very pleased with her progress".


Spring Term - Second half


'Story Café'

We had very positive feedback regarding our Story Café, see the Parents' comments below:


"Very good idea!" 

"Very good. Very well done." 

"Great idea! Was really nice to see children listening and doing their activities. I will be happy to come again." 

"Very good idea interaction with children. No improvement needed" 

"It was fun bonding with parents and children" 

"The story café was fun, enjoyed the book and children involved in the storytelling. It was fun making the tiger. Thank you for the sandwich afterwards." 

"Thanks for inviting the Parents in - well organised and thanks for the food!" 

"Story Café was a nice thing to do with my child as she thoroughly enjoyed herself and so did I. It was very well organised." 

"Really enjoyed spending time with them and seeing them in their school environment". 

"Lovely to see what the children get up to and be able to help them with their activities".

'World Book Day'

We had so much fun dressing up as book characters for World Book Day! We had characters such as 'Winnie the Witch', 'Oliver!' 'Alice in Wonderland' and many more! 


Spring Term - First half


'Frozen' Day

Here are the pictures from our Nativity!

Autumn Term - Second half

To celebrate Diwali, the children each tapped out the beat of an Indian song with claves and danced along together around the Nursery.

Father David joined the children in the Nursery to teach them all about Baptism.

Autumn term - first half

We've been very busy as you can see...