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Reception 2017 - 2018

Welcome to the Reception curriculum page. We update this page regularly so you

can find out what the children in Hedgehog and Owl class have been learning about!

If you are a parent of a child in Reception please check your child's Tapestry page regularly for up to date information about your child's development and their next steps.

October 2018

The children have settled in really well to life at St Augustine's. They have been challenging themselves in lots of different ways, from writing letters and words through to creating patterns, balancing, building dens and towers, performing dance routines and using their thinking skills to investigate. 


Rainbow Challenges

September 2018

Everyday we encourage the children to challenge themselves by having a go at one of the many Rainbow Challenges. The challenges encourage the children to write, draw, use technology, explore number, read and many other things! We create the challenges based on the children's needs and interests. When a child has had a go at a tricky challenge they get to put a coloured lollipop stick into their rainbow pot! The children are motivated to challenge themselves and enjoy filling up their rainbow with the different coloured lollipop sticks. 

Rainbow Challenge Key

Red - Writing

Orange - Phonics 

 Yellow - Funky Fingers (developing fine-motor skills)

Green - Technology

Blue - Maths

Purple - Creative


After lunch each day we have 'reflection time' where the children discuss what they have been learning so far that day and the children talk about the challenges they have had a go at! The children are praised for having a go at the challenges and are encouraged to talk about what each challenge has taught them. 


Teddy Bear's Picnic Transition Morning

July 2017

 As part of our transition policy we arranged a Teddy Bear's picnic with the children from nursery and the children who would be joining St Augustine's in September.  We had an excellent turn out, with lots of families in attendance. The children enjoyed a tasty picnic and had a go at a variety of Teddy Bear challenges and they even played with the parachute too.


We received some excellent feedback from parents. 


"A lovely morning with plenty of fun activities for the children. Also a great way for the children to get to know each other before September".

"Good opportunity for parents to meet each other and speak to teachers".

"Lots of fun for all. Teddy tastic!"

"Nice for the children not at St Augustine's nursery to mix and see new teachers".

"Deangelo thoroughly enjoyed the teddy picnic. Looking forward to more of the days. Very nice to see the parents, kids and teachers together". 

"The parachute was especially fun, something the children could enjoy together".

"The children seemed to absolutely love it!"

"I really enjoyed today's teddy bear picnic. It allowed me to spend time with Lewis and do what he would normally do". 

"It was very well organised, plenty of interesting and educational activities to chose from". 


Circus Day

July 2017

A circus came to St. Augustine's! Circus Sensible set up their Big Top on the field, in which the whole school assembled for a very entertaining show of magic, juggling and balloon modelling. Pupils and staff were 'volunteered' to participate. 
After a quick break for a drink and snack we went into the Big Top for a circus skills workshop. We started by moving with scarves and throwing them up into the air, followed by plate spinning. The session finished with some of the children demonstrating the skills that they had been learning. 

Pirate Day

July 2017

The children dressed up as pirates on our fun-filled Pirate day. They played pirate games, decorated biscuits and heard lots of pirate stories too. The children even built boats outside!

Sea Creatures

June 2017

The children have been learning about the sea side and sea creatures. They have read non-fiction books to find out facts about sea creatures and used magnifying glasses to examine shells. They have had hours of fun creating seascapes using paint and rollers on long sheets of paper and have built boats using boxes and recycled materials. The children have enjoyed taking the barbies to 'the beach' (our water tray) and have made up their own recipes in our outdoor kitchen. 

Parent Creature Cafe

June 2017

We invited the children's parents into class to join in with their learning during our creature cafes. The parents got involved and helped their children with each of the creature challenges. The challenges covered a variety of the EYFS areas of learning, from 'Maths' and 'Literacy' to 'The World' 'Technology' Moving and Handling' and 'Being Imaginative'.  The children created non-fiction books, played addition and subtraction games, decorated creature headbands, created fruit and veggie creatures and took photos of them using IPADs before tasting their creations. The children also made 2D creature shape pictures and retrieved spiders from a web using tweezers. Thank you to everyone who was able to come along. 


June 2017

The children have been learning about minibeasts. They have learnt lots of facts about snails, painted snails and created snail collages in the style of Matisse. The made some snail soup using lettuce and watched the snails eat it. As the weather has been so warm the children have spent lots of time outside, building obstacles courses, planting seeds and playing in the water tray. We noticed that lots of the children were enjoying playing 'schools' so we created a special area for the children to role-play schools outside. 

The Crunching Munching Caterpillar

May 2017

The children have been learning about the life-cycle of a butterfly through the story of The Crunching Munching Caterpillar. The children created some symmetrical butterfly patterns using the Charlie and Lola computer game and they hunted for mini beasts outside. The children doubled butterfly spots, created Crunching Munching Caterpillar story maps and read non-fiction books about min-beasts too. 

Jack and the Beanstalk

April 2017

The children have had such fun learning about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Some of the children found clues to suggest that the giant had been in our classroom. They found giant boots, giant glasses and footprints. The children created maps and traps to help them find the giant. The children took part in daily 'Talk for Writing' sessions and used their storytelling skills to re tell the story with actions. Next they created 'text maps' (pictures of what happened in the story in sequence) and used their maps to write sentences. A few days later the children changed their story. Hedgehog class created a story about 'Jacob and the Giant Strawberry Tree' and Owl class created a story called 'Merlin and the Giant Doughnut'. Each class created actions, rhymes and text maps and even wrote their very own story in special books.


March 2017

We cannot believe that it is the last week of the Spring term! This week the children have created bubble and marble paint Easter cards, hunted for Easter eggs and met Blackjack the rabbit (who happens to be friends with the Easter bunny). The children learnt about the Easter story during RE and created special Easter gardens using natural objects. In Maths the children made repeating patterns using 2D shapes and had a go at designing symmetrical Easter egg patterns. We wish you all a very happy and safe Easter time. 

Dear Zoo

March 2017

The children have really enjoyed learning about animals over the last few weeks. They have created animal masks and dens, written letters to a Zoo keeper asking for some animals to be delivered and they have sculptured some wonderful clay animals.

Animal Cafe

March 2017

The children had a lovely time during our Animal Cafe. They made clay snakes, tiger pictures and split pin animals. They also wrote letters to the Zoo, paid for their snack using 1p and 2p coins, measured their height and compared their height to different animals and they had a go at a variety of animal themed phonics challenges.
A big thank you to all the parents who were able to come, we hope you had a lovely time.

World Book Day

March 2017

The children had a brilliant time on World Book Day. They listened to lots of stories and joined in with repeated refrains. Each child made their very own story book and some children read their stories to their friends.


March 2017

This week the children have been learning about their bodies, with a focus on learning about how to keep their teeth healthy. The children looked closely at their reflection and drew self portraits in their sketch books. 

Healthy Living

February 2017

This week the children have been learning about the importance of making healthy choices. They have made healthy shopping lists and healthy foods using playdough and have discussed why sleeping and exercise is crucial. The children have loved the paramedic role-play area and have taken on different roles, either the patient or the medic. They used the bandages and different medical equipment to take care of their patients. We also spent time talking about germs and how washing your hands with soap is very important.


January 2017

The children discovered some gooey slime in our outside area and decided that it must be alien slime. The children wanted to find out why the aliens had come to our school so they wrote letters and even created maps to help the aliens to get back home. The children completed special capacity themed challenges set by the aliens which involved pouring and filling and measuring different sized containers. One of the children in Reception thought it would be lovely to have a party for the aliens so we held a special party and played lots of games and drank fizz-fozz (special alien juice of course!). The children also wanted to hear the story 'Aliens Love Underpants' by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort, so we read this story and then followed this up by reading 'Aliens in Underpants Save the World', reading these stories prompted the children to act our alien role-play scenarios.

Physical Education 

January 2017

The children have been really enjoying their PE lessons with Mrs Kirby. The focus has been on balancing and the lessons have been planned around a pirate theme to enthuse and excite them. Mrs Kirby has been so impressed with the children's creative ideas!

Religious Education - Jesus cares for us  

January 2017

The children have been learning about Jesus and how he cares for us. The children have been talking about how they can demonstrate his love through showing kindness to their friends. This week we read the children a story about how Jesus healed the sick and the children showed a real interest in doctors and nurses so we provided them with dressing up clothes, bandages, stethoscopes and masks and let them explore. We were so impressed by how well the children took on the different characters and especially who caring they were towards each other. Well done Reception! 

What is beyond the sky?

January 2017

The children are loving their Space topic.  We read the story Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy and the children imagined what they would take to the moon, they then had a go at writing a list, acted out the story and made special space pictures. Lots of the children were asking questions about rockets so we turned part of our classroom into a space station and even did a special balloon rocket experiment.  

Fun in the snow  

January 2017

The children were so excited when they saw the snow falling. The children wrapped up warm and played in the snow outside. They made lots of snowmen and snow cakes too! 


Christmas Celebrations

December 2016

We have had such a brilliant time helping the children to get into the festive spirit. They put on a brilliant nativity and we were so proud of how well they performed in front of such a big audience! 

During December our provision in the classroom has been Christmas themed and the children have made Christmas cards, decorations and have enjoyed wrapping presents in Father Christmas' workshop! The children also took part in our special Christmas party day where they got to sing songs in the hall with the whole school, play traditional party games, eat a yummy Christmas dinner and watch a theatrical performance too.

All the Reception team would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Christmas Café

December 2016

This week we had two wonderful Christmas cafes where we invited parents into the classroom to help their child make some Christmas crafts. We played Christmas music and had mince pies on offer to get everyone into the festive spirit! The children created movable elves, a spiral Christmas tree, a sparkly angel and a salt-dough decoration. 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

November 2016 

For the last few weeks the children have been learning about the Brown Bear, Brown Bear story by Eric Carle. The children came up with actions for each part of the story and then created their own story map (which is where the children draw pictures, in order to help them remember the key events!). We then read Polar Bear, Polar Bear and Panda Bear, Panda Bear and some of the children drew pictures, labelled the animals and some even wrote descriptions of the animals too!.

November 2016 


Whilst the children were playing outside they noticed lots of spiders so we decided to do a spider topic. This week the children have been finding out facts about spider, they have made spiders using recycled materials, they have counted and subtracted spiders from webs and they had a go at drawing spiders webs with chalk and graphite. 

October 2016

We are super!

For the last few weeks the children have been finding out about what makes them super. The children were set a homework challenge to talk with their grown-ups about what makes them super, what they enjoy doing and what they want to learn about! The children drew self - portraits and talked about their special skill, or even demonstrated their talent, to their class. We set superhero Rainbow Challenges and changed our role-play are into Superhero Headquarters! The children were challenged to set the superheros free by untying them as part of one of our Funky Fingers challenges, the children sent superhero post and built super towers. We read the children the story of Supertato. which is about a super potato which defeats the evil pea! We set the children lots of Supertato challenges, from creating their own Supertato, using technology to paint pictures of the Evil Pea/ Supertato, counting evil peas, freeing peas from jelly using different tools and drawing pictures of different vegetables from the story. As the story is about vegetables we talked to the children about the importance of healthy eating and the children created fruit faces, which were inspired by the artist Acrimbaldo. 

October 2016


Numicon is a fantastic Maths resource which is regularly used in Reception. The Children have access to it everyday during 'Free Learning' time.  Numicon can be used for a variety of purposes, from making symmetrical and repeating patterns to making number bonds and solving addition problems.  In Reception we begin our Numicon teaching by asking the children whether they can fill the board with the Numicon pieces. This week the children have been working in pairs to explore the Numicon and there has been lots of rich mathematical chat going on!

You can purchase Numicon so that your child can play at home! 

October 2016

Outdoor Learning

In Reception the children get to learn both indoors and outdoors. The children get to enjoy exploring different textures such as sand, water and mud, they get to ride bikes and trucks, balance, run and jump, creating obstacle courses and build!

October 2016

Rainbow Challenges


Everyday we encourage the children to challenge themselves by having a go at one of the many Rainbow Challenges. The challenges encourage the children to write, draw, use technology, explore number, space , shape and measure, read and many other things! When a child has had a go at a challenge they get to put a coloured lollipop stick into their rainbow! The children are motivated to challenge themselves and enjoy filling up their rainbow with the different coloured lollipop sticks. 

Rainbow Challenge Key

Orange - Phonics 

Blue - Maths

Green - Technology

Yellow - Funky Fingers (developing fine-motor skills)

Red - Writing

After lunch each day we have 'reflection time' where the children discuss what they have been learning so far that day and the children talk about the challenges they have had a go at!

See pictures below!



Thank you to everyone who came to our Phonics meeting today. We really hope you found it useful. Below is some information for you to read. 


Children need to be taught Phonics to access the English language. Phonics teaches children the alphabetic code to be able to read and write words. In Reception we follow the Letters and Sounds scheme and we sing the Jolly Phonics songs. Our Phonics lesson are multi-sensory! We play games, use puppets, make words with magnetic letters, practise using pens and pencils and we use the interactive whiteboard. Phonics is taught every day in Reception and we often give the children optional writing activities to be completed and kept at home. All children start off together on the carpet for the first part of the lesson and then children who need additional support will go with a Teaching Assistant for the second part of the session to help support their understanding.

In Reception we start the year by recapping Phase 1 Letters and Sounds, focussing specifically on songs and rhyme. Then we spend the year covering Phase 2, 3 and 4. In Phase 2 and 3, we teach children to read and write words using 3 sounds to build their confidence. We teach the children the names of the letters and then the sounds they make. Your child will learn to recognise the 44 sounds (phonemes), say them and write them. They will learn how to break up words (segment) into their individual sounds to help them write. For example if your child wants to write cat, they say the whole word out loud ‘cat’ and then break up the word into the individual sounds within the word ‘c – a – t’. Throughout Phase 2, 3 and 4 children also learn tricky words – words we cannot completely sound out, such as ‘me’ and ‘was’. We have to learn these by memory! You could make flashcards for your child to help them remember these.

Throughout Phase 2, 3 and 4 children also learn tricky words – words we cannot completely sound out, such as ‘me’ and ‘was’. We have to learn these by memory! You could make flashcards for your child to help them remember these.

Search in YouTube ‘Jolly Phonics songs’.


If you missed the meeting please view the PowerPoint below.