St Augustine's Catholic Primary School

We try to follow Jesus by loving each other and caring for God's world

19 West End, Old Costessey, Norwich, NR8 5AG


Tel: 01603 743317


To practise sounds please  go to for lots of games and activities.


We went on a sound walk. Looking for things that begin with the sounds we have learnt.


There are lots of activities and maths games to play on


We have been learning about shapes and printing with them.


We have been learnng about the number 8 and painting spiders with 8 legs.



Today we have learnt number 9 and enjoyed decorating football shirts with number 9.




We read the story 'After The Storm' about Percy the Park Keeper, this sparked an interest in woods, leaves and animals. We went on a walk to the local church to see all the big trees in the garden and collected lots of leaves.



Religious Education

Our first RE topic was talking about people we love and people who love us.



In RE we have been talking about God's creation. We thought about how God made all of the flowers, animals and all of us! We have decorated these prayers with our ideas of God's creation.


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