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Welcome to Year 4


Year 4 has now moved to brand new classroom accommodation and we look forward to sharing our learning with you soon. We are settling in just fine!
In the mean time have a look at what last year's Year 4 got up to!

Year 4


A group of Year 4 girls represented St. Augustine's in a Football Competition organised by the Norwich Schools Partnership. Despite the persistent rain, it was a well-organised and enjoyable day which resulted in our Year 4 team finishing in a respectable 5th place overall out of the twelve teams. The girls showed incredible team spirit and enthusiasm throughout the event putting up a strong defence and scoring several goals. Congratulations to all the girls who attended and their tremendous achievement!

Our Year 4 mixed team took part in Norwich Rugby Clubs Tag Rugby Competition and played magnificently, reaching a thrilling final and showing great enthusiasm and teamwork. Together, the whole team triumphed to become overall winners, and were presented with special t-shirts and thanked the referees and hosts for organising such a fantastic day. Congratulations to all those who took part!

During our Romans topic we have had a great time finding out about the legacy of the Romans' in Britain, where they invaded, how Boudicca started a revolt, how the army became so powerful and about their law system. 

Here we are trying out some of the soldiers organised moves. Can you tell which is the tortoise, the wedge, the orb and the cavalry drive? 

Here we are working out the angle needed to make water move safely along an aqueduct. The Romans were very clever!

We enjoyed researching and making Chariots at home.

Do you like our catapults? When we were learning about how the Roman army became so powerful, we discovered that they used all kinds of large weapons. We made our own catapults, tested them against each other and thought about how we could improve them.

We made our own mini versions of the earth's crust and mantle. The paper cup represented the tectonic plates and the water represented the liquid mantle. We then thought about how this links to how earthquakes are formed. 

We enjoyed learning about chemical reactions. This helped us to make our own erupting volcanoes.

Do you like our wax volcanoes? We learnt about how materials change state when heat is applied.

We are now learning about volcanoes and earthquakes in our new 'Active Planet' Topic. We made the earth out of play dough to help us understand the different layers of the earth. 

We also recorded our song about the Ancient Egyptians.

Do you like our Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagi? Mrs Graveling helped us to decorate them with wonderful detail.

In PE, we have been learning the floor movement patterns needed to be a successful sports person. The children have worked really hard and have become very successful at completing each type of movement pattern with quality and increasing speed. REAL PE is really helping us improve our skill quality.

For a bit of Christmas fun, in PE we learnt about the importance of team work when we built a festive picture during a relay game.

Today we learnt about how the Egyptians mummified dead bodies. We had a go too, but our 'bodies' were a bit too wriggly!

Look at our lovely Egyptian homes, Year 4 made some super homes for their homework. I am really impressed!

We learnt about how the Nile was really important to the survival of the Ancient Egyptians. Can you work out what we are all pretending to be?

Here are some helpful tips about how to use Google drive to use your work both at home and at school.

Here are all our finished owl homes. What do you think?

We have been learning all about electricity so that we can make a safe place for Plop, the owl who is afraid of the dark, to live. Can you see us making circuits with our bodies? We have been making switches too!

Year 4's work from 


Year 4 have been learning how to prepare and cook a yummy seasonal summer BBQ. There was a lot of maths involved in getting all this ready, the children worked really hard and helped make sure that we had enough money, food and help to have a lovely afternoon. 

Here are some pictures of our Roman Day, we had lots of fun and found out a lot about how the Romans lived. 

Did you come along to the unveiling of our GoGoDragon? Our 'How to Catch a Dragon' books were a big success! I think the knights liked them too!

We were visited by some very brave knights from the realm of Year 1. They asked us to help them catch a dragon! We are doing some work at school and some at home.


Here are the brave knights...

Here is the cave we discovered. It looks like it is for sale!?! I wonder how much gold the dragon will accept?

Here are some pictures of Year 4 playing Quidditch! No brooms yet, but we did have lots of fun!

Here are our Quidditch teams. This time Gavenclaw won, followed by Ryffindore, Sufflepuff and Hytherine.

On Friday's we are enjoying our new creative writing topic. We are making our own magical school!

Do you like our apostrophe song? We hope it helps you remember where the possessive apostrophe should go...

Our second topic is the Egyptians. We have had a lot of fun learning about mummies, pharaohs, gods and goddesses, pyramids, Egyptian life, hieroglyphics and we have made our own Egyptian art work based on the work by Gustav Klimt.

Here is a song all about the Egyptians. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed our topic!

Here is our gallery of Gustav Klimt inspired Egyptian artwork.

Can you find your Egyptian god or goddess?

We made pyramids in our lesson to try and work out how the Ancient Egyptians built the great pyramids... it was harder than we thought!

We also "mummified" some tomatoes to find out which material/liquid is the best preservative. The results were very interesting! Can you work out which was preserved in salt, oil, vinegar, sand and air?



Our first topic in IPC is 'Active Planet'. We have been learning about volcanoes.

Here is our first experiment. 

Can you remember what ingredients we used to make this eruption? What gas was made? Did the pressure inside the bottle increase or decrease? How was this experiment similar to a real volcanic eruption? 

We added mentos to cola, it made a huge reaction! How high do you think the bubbles went? Do you think this would work with other fizzy drinks and sweets? 

Here are our Volcano Posters. We had to decide our teams, according to our skills, research some given questions and find out about out own special volcano. These are our final posters, I think you will agree they were well presented!

In our team challenge we had to find ten volcanoes from around the world. We used Google Earth to find the countries, then used an atlas or a globe to find the country. This will help us to identify some of the tectonic plates and the impact they have on our world.

Look at the pictures of us melting wax and allowing it to cool on our mini volcanoes. We discussed how this is similar to real volcanoes.

On our last day of our 'Active Planet' topic we had a guest teacher, she was a little strange but we had a fun day learning all about earthquakes and how to make earthquake proof houses.

Here is one of our 'wobble' tests. Do you think this earthquake proof building will stay up for a whole minute?

Previous Year 4's work...


We thought about 10 words/phrases that could describe the UK.  

This is work that we are sharing with our partner school in Argentina.  

They will be sending us 10 words/phrases that they think describe their country

Year 4 making a video-call to Buenos Aires, Argentina! 

We've just had lunch and they've just had breakfast!

This is email reply we received a few days after the call

Hi, Mr Dodson!

My kids were SO happy with the call!!! Here are some of their comments:
1 - It was great that we could talk in so many languages!!!
2 - We loved it when they cheered for Messi.
3 - A couple of girls loved your students' school uniform (and could describe it in detail... I myself couldn't)
4 - Kids were surprised to see you wearing a suit (teachers here wear white pinafores just like students)
5 - Some of them commented on your hair style and said you look like a "mad scientist" :-) 
6 - Kids said it was so tender ("les dio ternura") to listen to your students speaking Spanish(and I said yours probably thought it was tender to listen to them speaking English...)
7 - They enjoyed learning they play the same games: Minecraft and... (I can`t remember the other one..)
8 - I realized my question "Where is it from?" referring to Liverpool Football Club wasn't all that bright :-) The thing is I hadn`t heard 
which football Club your student was talking about!! 
Well, thanks a lot! It has been very motivating for my students! 
Have a brilliant week!
Mrs Giancarlo


In preparation for our video call with Buenos Aires on Monday, Year 4 need to practice listening to questions in Spanish.  

Listen to files below and see how many you can understand and answer.


These are questions about your name, age, etc.


These are questions about what you like.




We have been looking at the parables of Jesus, such as the Parable of the Talents, and we thought about the talents we have in Year 4


We have been looking at what happens when you apply heat to different materials and thinking about which changes are reversible and irreversible.


For our IPC topic 'What's On The Menu?' we are experimenting with different ways to preserve food, in this case courgettes.

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