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Our Year 2015-16

 We've enjoyed presenting our River's of the World work to the class today. Have a look at some of the photographs below.

On Tuesday this week, the Diocese Icon was in school. Mrs Walters spent time in school visiting the classes with the Icon and then we enjoyed a special assembly in the afternoon. Have a look at the pictures we took through the day. 

Well what a last couple of weeks it has been....we've been very busy in Year 6 (as always!)......have a look below at the slideshow to see how time has flown by and we now look forward to a half term break!

We've enjoyed another Liturgy lead by Pastor Pete, sampled Pancakes with Mr Dodson and Mrs Reeves on Tuesday afternoon on Shrove Tuesday, before heading over to St Walstan's to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday....Friday we celebrated Cafod Day with a Liturgy led by Mrs Savelli and we were able to come to school in non-uniform for a donation of 50p......oh and the windows have started going in in the new classrooms which was quite exciting!!

Oh and we mustn't forget that Ethan was awarded his Tables Certificate from Mr La Chapelle in Praise Assembly!! Yippee - that's means all of Mrs Wright's Group have achieved their Certificate from Mr La Chapelle! Well Done. 

 Carlos and Ross here this week! That's us below....

Monday - English and we started work on our '500 Words', Tuesday we ALL managed the Countdown Challenge and Cameron was lucky enough to go up to share his solution.

 During Wednesday morning assembly we were visited by the NNAB (Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind) - Ed had lost his sight, and he was accompanied by Jeremy Goss and his lady assistant. It was really interesting to hear what he had to say and share our thoughts with him when he asked us questions.

We were so impressed with Ed's assembly that we felt inspired and driven to give his favourite sport a try, so Mr Long got some blindfolds for us, and on Friday we are looking forward to playing GoalBall.

Thursday we tuned into the Countdown program as this week its the final week of the Champion of Champions contest and there's some great maths happening!! We joined in against the clock to see how we performed against the's the final on Friday, so we mustn't forget to tune in!!

Well the big day has arrived - we're all looking forward to PE this afternoon to give GoalBall a try. We worked in pairs to give instruction to each other.....look how we got on...

 What a great week! We've enjoyed it - hope you've enjoyed reading about it.

For now - cheerio from Ross and Carlos!


Anya and Alex here bringing you this weeks news from Year 6....

 Despite Mark's injury - he still manages to do Maths - such dedication!! Carlos excelled - and won a prize - A Whiteboard!! Not the whiteboard he was expecting though - hey Carlos??

We've started our new Class Book - called Rooftoppers, it's early days but we're getting gripped....

Our thoughts turned to later in the year, when this week we had a look at an English test taken by previous pupils in Year 6...

Wednesday we continued with our new IPC Topic, and Thursday was kicked off in style with Mr Long's Assembly during which he spoke about the launch of the '500 Words' competition (we remember this from last year) and in Spanish with Mrs Downing we looked at our family trees. The week was rounded off on Friday with Mrs Mortimer teaching Year 6.

That's all for now.....bye!



Hi! Lily and Maya here bringing you the first Blog of 2016!!


Well Tuesday morning dawned and we all were excited to be back....Mrs Wright had been busy on Inset Day - our Class display was finished so we have lizards running wild!!

We have a big decision to make....we need to decide what our next class book will be, so we set about trying to persuade Mr Long....more news later.

After lunch we started our new IPC topic on Rivers, we're working in groups to ultimately prepare our own presentations. We're at that stage of compiling a list of what information our audience would expect to be included, sharing ideas & agreeing which River we are to study etc..

Thursday it was Assembly led by Mr Dodson. It was all about Generosity and Mr Dodson had included our videos we had made in RE with him on Tuesday afternoons. He also made soup!! Yes - he really did!

On Friday we had an amazing PE lesson with Mr Long. We played Murder Ball - it was great fun!

One last thing before we go.....our Class Book is........

Anyway - bye for now!

Lily and Maya.


Well we finally enter the final week of the Autumn Term and 2015 at school, and life wouldn't be the same if we didn't enjoy our daily fix of Maths!!

A pack full of Christmassy Maths puzzles greeted us, have a look at us getting started....

Some of the class were lucky enough to be chosen to join the Carol Singers who were out and about Monday and Tuesday at the Baptist Church on Monday and Grey Friars on Tuesday..

Final touches were added to our lizards, ready for display in the classroom....they look really good!

Wednesday dawned and the day had arrived to watch the DVD of Holes - our Class Reader......we enjoyed the film and had popcorn - bonus!! We then started preparation of our Hats - for the Party Day tomorrow....

Carol Service up next.....Mark and Shannon read a poem called Christmas Once Again.

PartyDay dawns....we finish hats, and make a pop-up Christmas Card, then all in the Hall for Christmas Dinner, followed by a quiz in class and a final sing-song in the Hall to wrap up the day......

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Alfie and Mark here this week......and more progress made with our Lizards.....

KS1 presented an awesome dress rehearsal for their Nativity which they're presenting to parents Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. On Wednesday KS2 enjoyed an assembly lead by Ignite - hjave a look at some photos below to get an idea of what we saw....

EThursday it was time for our Spanish lesson with Senora Downing...which turned into Mission Impossible!

That's all for now....check in next week to see what we've been up to in the final week of term as we all look forward to Christmas!



So hello - it's Casey and Shannon here bringing you news from Year6 this week........

Monday,  and we set to creating our 3D Snowflake masterpieces to decorate the school in readiness for the bazaar at the weekend......have a look below and see how we got on....

While we were busy creating ours, Mr Long and Mrs Wright got busy.............                                                                     and look what resulted.....


If you'd like to have a go at making your own then click SNOWFLAKE


Justin came and led our singing practice this morning there's alot of us in Yr6!! We were practicing the Ragtime Carol for the Carol Service in the last week of term.

We were busy again in RE this afternoon with Mr Dodson, this time making a giant paper chain! It stretches all the way across the classroom.....

Be warned......yellow-spotted lizards have taken over the classroom! Come and see - if you dare!!

We've really entered our creative up creating 3D yellow spotted lizards, these are for our display in the classroom. Mr Long is nearing the end of our class reader Holes, and we've looked again at the description in the book to help us focus!!

Check back next week to see how we're getting on with these....bye for now!

Hi! It's our turn to bring you the news from Year 6 this week - that's us below.

It's me Sandra on the left....and me Cyrene on the right!

Anyway, what's been going on? well the building work is really coming on, the walls are going up!

The SumDog Maths competition is in full swing, and Liam is in 2nd place overall!

Read on to see how we finished at the end of the competition on Thursday.


Today there wasn't any gas in the kitchen so Cook Lynn and her team had to make over 150 tuna and cheese sandwiches!!! See year 5 enjoying their picnic lunch below.....

On Tuesday, 12 of the class represented the school in the Tag Rugby competition at Little Melton. 16 teams competed and we finished in 4th place! 

The first match we played was against Mattishall and we won 6-1! We managed to win our next couple of games and went through to the finals in the afternoon. We met our match when playing against Toftwood (A), they had a really good player who had Ilan's speed and Elijah's skills! Our final match was against Drayton and was a play-off for 3rd & 4th place, the match went to extra time and sadly we were beaten by a golden try. 


Have a look at some photos from the competition below and well done to Alex, Sandra, Kacey-Mae, Cyrene, Ilan, Ross, Azeem, Mark, Ethan, Liam and Elijah.

Wednesday saw a change to the arrangements at break time, we eat our healthy snack in class, and then at 10.45 head outside for fresh air play.

Thursday, Mr Long showed us the plans for the new classrooms - he put them up in the classroom so we could see how the finished build is going to look.

We fast-forward now to Friday.....what a day!

Year 3 led the Advent Liturgy


Liam managed to hold on to 2nd place overall in the SumDog Competition - fantastic!

Doesn't he look pleased.....

We came 2nd in the November attendance in the school.

AND Elle and Casey achieved their Times Tables Certificate from Mr LaChapelle which means that all of Mrs Wright's girls have achieved their Tables Certificate this term - brilliant - and come on the rest of Year 6 - could we all get it by the end of term?

  That's about it from us for now, thanks for reading.

Sandra and Cyrene.



Liam and Elijah here!

Today, 16th November sees the start of Judaism fortnight!

This morning we were introduced to two people, they taught us about some of the common items used in their faith, like the sit-sit. We learnt about the story of Abraham, and how God tested him giving him commands to carry out...the final one was to kill his child however when Abraham was about to carry out this final command God told him to stop and to sacrifice a ram instead. We then heard what the ram's horn sounded like - it made a weird noise and it's very difficult to use. Lastly we heard a song which was calm and gentle.


It was all go on Monday as next up we had a visit from Justin from the Diocese, who was looking for volunteers to join a choir. We did some breathing exercises to start and then he taught us a Christmas Carol from the 1930's...Justin said it was marvellous!!

Oh and we mustn't forget to mention - we started our new class book called Holes by Louis Sachar!!

Wednesday as is usual we had our weekly visit to the library......and it was someone's birthday...

 All too soon, Thursday dawned and it was time to say our good-byes to Jennifer. She is starting her new school on Monday and we hope she will make lots of new friends. To show her we would miss her we made her a card (in the shape of a 'J') and we presented this to her at the end of the day. 


Friday saw the final Tag Rugby trials, for the the team to represent the school at the competition next Tuesday. But more on that next week!



Oh and one last thing......the crane arrived this week to bring the steel in and look how quickly the frame went up....

Media conversion failed.

Bye for now,

Liam and Elijah.




Riya and Tessa here this week to update you on the events of life in Year 6 this week!

We noticed a small change in the class room this week......Mr Long and Mrs Wright have new desks!! Now they've got even more room for all of their stuff.......


We managed to all get together to take the final photo of the class with our DNA string so we can submit our evidence for the World Record attempt.


Wednesday 11th November and along with millions of people at 11 o'clock we came together as a whole school for a minutes silence. It was a sad day thinking of all those who had lost their lives in conflict. 


Thursday we had the school photographer visit so we all filed into the hall, we also visited the library to learn more about the librarian duties ready for next week when our lunchtime librarian duty begins.















Mrs Wright's maths group surprised her by giving her a card thanking her for being their maths teacher!


Talking of which, the group always do an OXO Challenge each Monday......and they spotted something about the grid they completed this week. Can you see the pattern?

Lily spotted the pattern (as did others in the group after a time!) and here she is explaining it!!

Children in Need Friday which meant we could all bring our teddy bears to school for the day, everyone was very excited! We enjoyed a Teddy Bear's Picnic during the afternoon organised by our School Council Reps. was also 'Concrete Day' we had numerous lorry loads of cement being poured into the frameworks where the new classrooms are going to be!



It didn't stop us enjoying time in the MUGA at lunchtime though!


Bye for now,


Riya and Tessa.




Hi! It's Honor and Amelie here for your weekly blog about all the stuff we've been getting up to!

What excitement Monday - year 6 have 'got the blitz' with new chairs! Red, yellow, light green, dark green, blue and purple - Yr6 is the home of colour! And of course - we had new desk trays to match!

We also welcomed a new member to our team - Ethan joined us - so yes now we have 2 Ethans in the class!

  Oh! Thanks Ross for photo-bombing this pic!!!

Monday proved to be quite an eventful day as with our new arrival we also received some sad news from Jenny who told us that she was leaving and her last day was to be this space for more developments on that front though........

Tuesday saw the whole class taking part in a World Record attempt joining to be part of the largest maths and science pairs we made a DNA string out of pasta, string and straws with Mrs Wright, meanwhile in the classroom Mr Long led the lesson. Have a look at the photos below....

In RE we were looking at life changing newspaper stories...

Thursday - what a day! We were greeted with the news that Jenny is not leaving after all - Yippee!!!

Spanish this afternoon - our new teacher is teaching us today - we love Spain!! Enjoy a few pics below from the lesson.... we made Christmas Cards to send to Cambodia, but not before we'd tested our limits in Maths with a test to finish the week!!

We were all waiting in excited anticipation to see if Shannon, Amelie and Lily were required to do an elephant impression (their decision!) in Praise Assembly this week - would they get 25 out of 25 in Mr La Chapelles Tables Challenge? Have a look below....

Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog.........keep blogging!!

Honor and Amelie




Success in the Safety Poster competition!



Well after much excited anticipation Concrete Day......arrived! And went..... And will come again!

At last! One of our letters has made it onto the wall at Horstead. Well done Cameron!

Check out our Tag Rugby skills!

Casey and Rosie....maths really is fun!


Judo in the hall this morning......

Ross obviously paid close attention.......


PE in the MUGA!!



This morning we led the Friday morning liturgy, and the school enjoyed a visit from Bishop Kike. He spent some time visiting the classes after our liturgy chatting to our friends in the other classes.


In Class this week we've been looking at the recommended list of 100 books which Teachers think we should have read by the time we leave primary school. We're marking each book title with a post-it to show how many of us have read the book. Have a look below at the slide show which gives you an idea of some of the titles included in the list. We aim to revise the list ourselves later in the year to come up with 'Our Recommended 100 Must Reads'. Consider the list yourself by clicking here.


The eagerly awaited quiz, launched for our trip to Horstead, to matching the pair of Sassy Slippers to their rightful Year6 owner has finally arrived.....please read on...



Who would wear a pair of Slippers like this?

Is it.....Azeem?            Anya?

           Amelie?            Cameron?

           Ross?                Alex?

           Jennifer?          Mark?


Who would wear a pair like these?

Is it........Alfie?         Casey?   

               Liam?         Elle?

               Kacey-Mae? Tessa?

               Ilan?           Holly?  


And these belong to who?

Eve?       Alex?      Casey?        Rosie?      Amelie?


And our final selection belong to who?

Riya?     Shannon?     Sandra?     Honor?    Maya?   Rosie?    Tessa?        Casey?  

Come along to Year 6 and find out if you are correct!

We've all had a great time at Horstead....have a look at some of the hundreds of photos taken over the two days at the Centre.