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Our Year 2016- year 2017


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To Xavier; for successfully escaping the nursery playhouse, from Eva.

Yr5&6 football competition

On Friday 13th of January we went to the football competition and it was snowing really hard and we ended up playing one game against Fakenham and beat them 8-1 and then it got called off because the pitch was covered in snow. Then on the 27th of January we went to the FDC again and re-participated in the 1st competition. The people who went were: Ellie H, Ellie De, Jayla, Martina, Mia, Annie, Kieran, Ciaran, George, Ollie, max and Jacob and the teachers were Mr Long and Miss Scandrett. We played 6 games, 3 teams twice, and the 1st team we played was Fakenham and we won 3-0 and the goals were scored by: Jacob x2 and George x1. The second match was against Preston and we won 3-2 and the people who scored the goals were: Ollie x1 George x1 and Kieran x1; then we played Drayton and we won 2-0 the goal scorer: was Kieran x2. Then we had to play all the teams all over again so we played Fakenham and we won 4-0 the goal scorers were; Jayla x2 George x1 and Kieran x1 then the second match was Preston and the score was 2-1 to us, the goal scorers were; Jayla x1 and Kieran x1 then our last match was Drayton and we drew 2-2 the goal scorer was Kieran x2.

Then on the finals day we played 6 games the teams we played were: St Martha’s, Heathersett and lastly Dussindale (the overall winners of the competition) the people who went were Ellie H, Ellie De, Jayla, Martina, Mia, Bella, Kieran, Ciaran, George, Ollie, Max and Jacob and the teachers were Mr Long and Miss Scandrett (the reason why Bella went instead of Annie was because Annie was ill and Bella was chosen to replace her) our 1st match was 2-1 to us against St Martha’s and then our second match was against Heathersett and we won 2-1 then our third match was against Dussindale and we drew 1-1 then we played all the teams over again, so we played St Martha’s first and we won 1-0 them the second match was against Heathersett and we lost 2-0 then our last match was against Dussindale and we lost 3-2 and all together we got 10 points, Dussindale got 12 points and Heathersett got 11 points.

Over all it was an amazing experience and even though we didn’t get through we still really enjoyed it!

By: Kieran and Ellie H

 To Chanelle; For persevering in squares and not letting anything get in her way. Anonymous: To Noah; For picking up my stuff when it fell on the floor. From Nathan.

To Annie; for helping a lot when I made my squares of pursuit animation: from Ciaran. To That one and This one; for helping me with my grammar this year: From George. To Eva; for always being willing to help: From Jenny. To Subordinate Clause (Mr Long- he doesn't make sense on his own); Thanks for your help preparing us for SATS and High School. To Molly; for being so supportive at curves of pursuit, thanks: From Ellie De.

To Zachary; for negotiating someone to make it right. from Chanelle: To Ellie De; For being generous and being kind to others. From Chanelle: To the whole of year 6; for working so hard trying to understand the passive progressive. By Mia: To Martina; she helps others if they need it and she is very kind to everyone. From Chanelle:

To Noah; for being a great friend and always encouraging me. From Nathan: To Martina; for thinking of and producing a song for Christina in Nursery. From Ruby: To Ellie De; For comforting others when they're upset or hurt! From Molly: To Molly; For being a great friend and always being there. From Zach:

To all the footballers; Well done and congratulations for being chosen to represent our school; from Jenny and Eva.

To Yanni; For being so proud of her friends when she wasn't chosen. From Jenny:To Noah; For helping someone even though he is busy. From Chanelle: To Alexa Bales; For having two cups of water! from Yanni: To Jack; for telling me how football club works. from Nathan: To Jayla, Ellie H and Alexa; For finishing their water at lunch. From Martina: To Ellie H; for drinking all her water for the first time! Yanni: To Martina; For being so sweet and  kind to everyone; From Bella.

Hi it's Donna and Ciaran here with the Blog this week!

Monday morning Assembly was really great - it was led by Mr Sowter who needed a volunteer.........Ethan from Yr3 volunteered. He had to put his hands in yoghurt to get them all messy and then clean them!!


After lunch we had Spanish with Senora Downing, we had to write interesting sentences.

Today we had a new Supply Teacher called Mr Wood, in English we played Countdown and then worked on sentences using a noun, an adverb, an adjective, a verb, parenthesis and a determiner.  In Maths we were with Mrs Wright, after our OXO starter Monday, today it was Countdown which is really fun - just like the television program but Mrs Wright lets us have more than 30 seconds!!

Have a look at some of the rounds we played - can you get a solution? We'll put a couple of photos on later of solutions too in case you get stuck and need help!



PE Tuesday afternoon, we did a usual warm-up followed by a game of Catch The Flag - it was really good.

Wednesday morning Assembly was led by Pastor Pete and was all about Generosity. During the afternoon we had RE with Mrs Savelli, learning about Justice.



We continued our work with Fractions this week in Maths, multiplying fractions and also dividing by a fraction too.....just in case you need any help with the Countdown rounds, have a look at the photos below and you'll see some of the class presenting their solutions.

Friday morning everyone was really might snow!! And as forecasted, by 8.15 the snow was falling - turning the playground white!! We couldn't wait until break time to get outside and play in the snow!!

Some of Year 6 were representing the school at a Canary 5 Football Competition today, they set off at 9.15......we all wondered about how they were getting on especially when the snow started to fall quite heavily around 10 o clock......

Not surprisingly the Competition was eventually abandoned due to bad weather and the team arrived back with us around a quarter past 11- they were very wet! Back just in time to join us for Maths!! Hopefully the Competition might be rearranged and the team can continue their winning streak as they had won the first game very convincingly.

We had Miss Mortimer teaching us today and enjoyed PE during the afternoon. 

All looked forward to the possibility of more snow over the weekend!!

Bye for now,

Donna and Ciaran.

It's the last week of term!!!

And it's George and Nathan here........

Monday morning - we started the week making Popcorn Boxes! Apparently we might need these later in the was also an opportunity for some of the class to visit the Baptist Church with Mr La Chapelle to sing carols to people from the community. In the afternoon we worked frantically on our lizards trying to get them finished before the Christmas holidays. In Spanish we had a great time...there's some pictures below.... 

HOLES! Yes on Tuesday morning we were able to watch the film version of Holes - our class reader. It was a great film...and we needed to use our Popcorn Boxes as we had popcorn while we watched!

Again, more work on our lizards - we had to add the yellowy green spots. The afternoon today was spent bellowing out the Christmas carols down the isle at St Walstan's rehearsing for the Carol Service tomorrow. We sang beautifully amd received praise from Mrs Holdsworth and Mr Long.

We were able on Wednesday to do some Christmassy things in class - we made pop-up Chrismas Cards with Mrs Wright. I sent mine to my friend Zach (who also has made a blog!). At 10 Mr La Chapelle collected the 'singers' again for a trip to GreyFriars Court. The residents and staff always really enjoy our singing. We had lovely pasta for lunch, (since Thursday and Friday's lunches were swapped so we didn't have roast 2 days in a row!!) and then in the afternoon we quickly made our way to St Walstans for the Carol Service proper. We loved singing to our parents and they enjoyed our singing and hard work.

Thursday was exciting - it was party day, which started with a theatre group visiting. Then of course it was hat making and our lovely Christmas Dinner. Martina really loved the theatre group and in the afternoon Mr Long hosted a sort of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire style quiz, before we joined together in the Hall for more singing.

Friday, after whole school Mass, the morning flew by.....Praise Assembly and then lunch before we headed home to begin our Christmas break.

Merry Christmas everyone! And best wishes for a very happy, healthy New Year from all of Year 6.



To Mr long; for training and helping us at athletics; From Jennifer: For Noah; for having great co-ordination with me; from Nathan: To Xavier; for encouraging me and cheering me up about my ankle when I couldn't play bulldog;from Nathan: For Nathan; for being brave when he got hurt; from Xavier: To Jayla; For her amazing help today in breakfast club, helping younger breakfast clubbers to make reindeer food; from Mrs Reeves: 

This blog update covers news bought to us over the last couple of weeks from Jennifer and Sophia, and then from Ellie and Zach....


First up news from Sophia and Jennifer and the big news of Monday was the arrival of two new table tennis tables for outdoors - they've been put near the MUGA - we just need bats and balls to enable us to use them!!

Monday afternoon in Spanish we got to work on our 'Bucket List'....interestingly Ellie H wants to eat frogs legs......uurghhh!!!

Tuesday afternoon we started making our Lizards (from the book Holes), with Mrs Wright, have a look at how we got on....


In RE with Mrs Savelli on Wednesday Mrs Savelli took the role of Oscar Romero who it is thought will one day become a saint. We took the part of people who were against him....

As the week went on our thoughts turned to the Christmas Bazaar at the weekend and it was that time of the year again when Year6 set to and make giant snowflakes to decorate the school.

In the Maths Cave with Mrs Wright some of Year 6 were starting work on Fabulous Fractions - as Mrs Wright refers to them......we had some great games of Countdown too in the Maths Cave this week....Can you find a different solution to Jennifers?

Monday morning again and Ellie and Zach take over on the Blog, Year 6 (well 18 of us) are representing the School at an Athletics Competition today. We had a great time, unfortunately we didn't progress through to the next rounds - the boys came 7th out of 12 teams and the girls 11th out of 12 teams - however we all loved it!!

On Tuesday we continued working on our Top 100 Books - we're nearly there - taking off the list the books we don't feel merit being on their and adding some provided we can convince the Class that the book deserves to be included. Oh and our Christmas Tree is up.....

Tuesday afternoon and it was time to - ModRoc!!

Fabulous Fractions continued this week with Mrs Wright but there was also time to investigate a Tile problem....we had a template, coloured it in using only two colours, then cut the individual tiles out......whichever way we laid them they always fit together! We then could use a blank template to create our own design.

Mr LaChapelle came into class on Thursday morning as he wanted to teach us the harmony for one of the Mr Long's Maths they've had some good games of Dice and on Friday had a really tricky and challenging Countdown - only 5 of us got a solution!!




Well that's about all for this week......we look forward to next week - our last of the term as we continue to prepare for Christmas.

Thanks for reading,

Jennifer, Sophia, Ellie and Zach.

To Mia; Thank you for helping me with my snowflake; from Kieran: To Kieran and Mia; thank you for helping me with my homework; From Jayla: To Charlotte; for always being helpful; From Martina: To Kieran; for helping people with their snowflakes; from Mia.


Hi! This is Martina and Chanelle doing the blog this week. 

Monday was pretty uneventful....apart from Bella poking herself in the eye with her reading book!! We also saw a crane on the rooftop of a neighbour's house and in Spanish we were learning about visiting different places.

On Tuesday, some of the class members were representing the School at a Tag Rugby Competition at Crusader Rugby Club, they had loads of fun and managed to win the first three games but the games that followed were really tough. Bella said, "I really enjoyed it even though I was sometimes sub." and George added, "I enjoy celebrating as a team - it was a time to remember!"

Wednesday.....there were loads of birds!! Weird.....anyway, in RE this afternoon we learned about justice.

During the week we had our usual rounds of Countdown and Dice in English and Maths - here are some pictures showing our successes....(& some where we weren't so successful!).

On Friday, Alexa took center stage as she led the KS2 Liturgy!! She was great. Mr La Chapelle lit the first Advent candle on the wreath at Praise Assembly later on in the afternoon.

PE was fab-u-lous Friday afternoon - we played Murder Ball, although we're glad to say no body came to harm during the lesson!!

It's been great reporting this week, hope to chat with you all again,  bye for now Chanelle and Martina.

To Molly; for being a great friend and classmate; From Zach: To Mr Long; For reading our class book 'Holes' extremely well with good expression! from Annabel: To Mike; for being a great team-mate and friend; From Nathan: To Yanni; for trying extra hard in tag rugby; From Annie

It's Maybel's Week this week....that is Annie and Eva May reporting!

Monday morning and Jayla had everyone fooled...she had put her hair up in a bun and put a short ponytail over it pretending that she had had her hair cut into a bob......nice one Jayla!! Spanish tested our drawing skills during the afternoon with a game of pictionary in teams - topic modes of transport which we have been learning over the last few weeks.

Tuesday - and it's PE - we are all trying really hard to make the team for the Tag Rugby competition next week...we're all trying to make a good impression, and show off our skills to be one of the 12 chosen to represent the school.

It was wet break today and the girls were playing a weird hand clap game...enough said.

Two truths and a lie was the challenge in English on Wednesday - how convincing could we be? We also started writing our own autobiography. At break time we were on the playground as it's our turn - so we all played pacman! In RE we wrote a letter to a real refugee, this really made us think about our homes and families, cherishing what we are lucky enough to have.

Thursday dawned and not off to a great start for Xavier - he left his phone in the computer suite yesterday and today couldn't remember whether he was having a hot dinner or packed lunch.......!! Mr Long led the assembly this morning and it was all about sporting intelligence, we saw a video of a man called Danny Macaskill who did amazing things on a bike as he cycled around Scotland (Eva and I noticed that it was filmed close to where Hogwarts was filmed).

There was a terrific storm this afternoon - unfortunately this meant we couldn't go out for an extra PE lesson....mind you I was glad when I realised it was hailing!! 

Children In Need Day tomorrow so everyone remember - non school uniform!!

Not much to report from today - everyone remembered non uniform - Mrs Wright's Maths Team had a great time doing some Pudsy Bear Spotty Maths today.....they used co-ordinates in four quadrants to create a picture of Pudsy and the played a strategy game called Spotty Six! 

That's all for now everyone - thanks for reading!

Annie and Eva-May.

To Yanni; for being such a great friend and always being kind and helpful! from Molly: To Zach;you didn't do anything specific but you have been kind to me. From Ruby: To Kieran; for helping me pick up my pencil case and pens, i'm such a klutz;from Jayla: Well done year 6 for a prayerful liturgy led well by you all. a special thank you to; Martina and Kieran for taking time to learn the location of countries and Jayla and Ruby - for extra work learningthe poem off by heart; from Mrs Savelli: To Molly;for being so supportive in learning; From Zach: To Donna; for helping your brother out with his times tables every week; from Ruby: To Martina; for being kind and generous to people and helping others as she can; from Chanelle: To Martina; for always being there when i need her and always being happy to help out anyone! from Molly: To Nathan; for being honest and kind; from Jayla: To Ruby ; for sharing facts about hole; from Zach: To Molly; for being such a great friend and for being there when i need you; From Ruby.

What a week it's been in Year 6!! It's Jayla and Yanni here reporting on the 'goings - on' this week......

Monday - a relatively non eventful day - apart form Jayla getting stuck in the tunnel in Nursery whilst 'helping' at lunchtime.....!

We are at the beginning of our class reader - Holes by Louis Sachar and Mr Long read some of this to us. Year 6 have also volunteered to take the poppies around the school for children (& adults of course) to make a donation. In Spanish we are learning about transport and played a great lotto game to help us learn about the different types of transport.

Tuesday - work continued on our biographies on Michael Morpurgo and Roald Dahl which has been really interesting learning about these two very famous authors. In Maths it was SpeedTables and Dice - there's some photos below of our solutions. After lunch we split again for Tag Rugby and ICT (during which we're progressing nicely with our Horstead PowerPoint presentations) but we're all trying our very best to make it into the Tag Rugby team for the competition which is coming up later in the month.

Wednesday, we had a great game of Countdown and in the afternoon we had RE with Mrs Savelli and we were busy preparing for our Liturgy we are leading on Friday.

Thursday's Assembly was led by Mr might sound strange but we played Tug of War! Annie, Kieran and Ricardo volunteered to help him out....

Friday - it is the 11th November today, we are leading the Liturgy and also will be marking the day by observing the 2 minutes silence at 11am. Have a look at the slideshow of pictures from today.

Bye Jayla and Yanni....

To Molly: for not giving up and helping me to understand better in class;From Bella. To Ethan: for putting out the benches by himself; from Kieran. To Mia: for not giving up; From Jenny. T o Eva: for helping everyone in Maths; From Annie.To Ruby: for mentioning Saint Long as a future Saint (in church); From Molly. To Jayla: for always telling me to never give up; From Jenny. To Ruby: for being so helpful! from Martina.To Bella: for trying her best and working hard in Maths! From Molly. To Mia: For a hatrick of dice solutions; From Mrs Wright.

Hi! It's Mia and Kirsten here......

SpeedTables Monday and 'Well Done' to Ellie D for achieving a Personal Best this week - and she was the only one!! We also started looking at Subtraction and the variety of methods we can use.

In English we enjoyed looking at Biographies and in particular two authors - Roald Dahl and Michael Morpurgo. Spanish in the afternoon was great fun - we were using types of transport and played a BattleShips style game to practice our Spanish!!

Tuesday we had to be really quick at morning registration as we were heading over to St Walstan's for a feast day celebration - All Saints Mass, led by Father David and Deacon Bill. Thanks to them for a great Mass and we all sang beautifully!!

SpeedTables again - and a few more of us got a PB today....we then carried on with our subtraction and worked on a question with sheep, sheep houses and trees!!

We had a school council meeting in the class at which we discussed things we'd like improved at our school, and also we discussed safety and keeping safe on school trips.

In PE we are training for the Tag Rugby competition in 3 weeks time....

Wednesday we were learning about the Kingdom of God, and wrote a newspaper report on a parable.

Thursday we wished Good Luck to those in Year 6 who were representing the school in the Cross Country Competition. We continued our work on Authors and our Class Reader - Holes in English and in Maths we continued work on Subtraction , and we had a good game of Dice!!

Hello! It's Verity and Ruby here with this weeks blog.

Monday morning...and it's usual Assembly which this week Mr La Chapelle led and we learnt about St. Luke's Feast Day which is tomorrow. Mr La Chapelle visited our Maths lesson - and guess what - Charlotte beat him at the Dice Game!! 

We all enjoyed seeing a photo which Yanni bought inTuesday.....of us when we were in Year1 - we were so cute!! Today we're really trying to complete our Music posters for the corridor display, and we had a great English lesson making up excuses for not doing our homework (thanks Mr Long :)). Our Display in the classroom looks like one huge excuse...we were putting our excuses into poems - some of these were really funny and we enjoyed hearing them.

Maths on Tuesday and Alexa and Charlotte out-mathsed Mr Long! Can you solve this......4 * * + 292 = *67?

Molly Verity and I had great fun in the the library at lunchtime....



Big debate after lunch - will we be doing Tag Rugby or Running in PE? Aaargh Ellie H - disaster - she lost her watch.....but Mrs Wright to the rescue and it was found in the cloakroom......PE after all was great - we played a game called Pirate Hockey (so no Tag Rugby or Running!).  

Tuesday afternoon we were visited by Tod, Marsha and their daughter. They had led an Assembly on Judaism and visited the classroom during our RE lesson to work with us and help us learn about their faith and way of life.

Thursday we all had to be in school - on time! Why? Well we were due at the Forum to attend the Science Festival at 9.30.....Fortunately everyone was on time so we arrived in good time.Unfortunately some other schools weren't quite so punctual and it was a little while before it started. Mind you we were lucky being on time because we got to sit at the front so had a great view of the stage which was awesome.

Some girls from Flegg High were members of a Stem Club abd they opened the show with a short presentation.


To Mr Long: for cheering me up when I'm depressed; To Ellie De: for standing strong to the kick to the shin, from Nathan; To Yanni: for always being cheerful and encouraging everyone, from Leanne; For Charlotte and Nathan: for their excellent words in countdown, 'Orate' and 'Tsar' Thanks! Mr Long; To Isabella:for letting me sit next to Ellie H at hot dinner! from Jayla; For Jennifer: for overcoming her own lack of confidence with subtraction and offering support and help to others! And with enthusiasm!! Mrs Wright ;To Martina: for offering me to go first. From Yanni; To Charlotte: for using a pun in her feed back in English! From Alexa.

Hi Ellie and Molly here bringing news of what life's been like in Year 6 this week......

Monday and Jayla had a strange question for Mr Long.....wonder if anyone will remember what it was??

Our work on our Music Posters for the display in the corridor continued on Tuesday and we're all nearly finished. We were all concentrating and trying to achieve a new Personal Best on our Speed Tables in Maths when.......a fly drew on the Interactive Whiteboard!!! We all thought it was hilarious.......and Noah made us all jump when he did in fact achieve his PB with only 8 squares left to complete - Come On Noah!! 

Year 6 met EVA today too - no not Eva-May (we all know who she is!), but what we mean is Expanded Vertical Addition....we're just starting out on this and it is quite challenging - but we are getting the hang of it. Here is our work.....

Music Posters completed - hurray!! That meant we could start some new English work - we had a great game of Countdown. In RE with Mrs Savelli we enjoyed tasting the honey apples, we were learning all about Judaism and there are some photos - have a look below....

Miss Costello led a brilliant Thursday morning assembly about NNAB and we entered listening to my favourite Stevie Wonder song!! English - we enjoyed Countdown again (and it is throwing it down outside...will the rain ever stop?). Maths continued working on EVA using Numicon.... George and Chanelle also talked to the Class about Children In Need and asked for fund-raising ideas. We also discussed the use of the playground at lunchtime and morning break time. 


Friday Father David led liturgy and talked about his trip to Africa Alive. We're hoping the rain will hold off so we can play Tag Rugby this afternoon in PE....

That's all folks from Ellie and Molly.

Thanks for reading.

For Ellie D: for always being willing to help, from Jennifer. For Mia: for encouraging me to keep on going, from Yanni. To Martina: even though she was a bit stressed she managed to get over it happily, from Chanelle. For Ruby: for helping me when I was stuck on the border, from Martina. For George: for being the only one on his table who would let me use one of their beads to finish my Rosary Bracelet, from Jayla. For Jayla: for telling me to do one more step, from Jenny. For Nathan: supporting people at the run in PE, from Chanelle. For Zac: for encouraging me for the whole race! from Martina. For Annie: for helping me use the choppy thing, from Ruby. For all of Year 6: for pushing themselves in running. Well Done, from Alexa. For Molly: for doing such a great job at forgetting her snack again!!! from Ruby. For Zac: for his brilliant homework for our 70's poster, from Verity. For Jenny: for keeping going despite having a really, really bad stitch, from Bella. For Jayla: for pushing me when I wanted to stop, from Ellie.

Hi! It's Bella here with this weeks Blog!


It's been a strange week in Year6 - it's passed very quickly but not much out of the ordinary has happened. A highlight of the week though was having a great time in RE with Mrs Savelli making Rosary Bracelets using beads. We are going to offer them for a blessing in our Whole School Mass on Friday.

We also this week made our Christmas Cards for Cambodia (yes another Christmas Card to prepare!). Thursday Mr Long worked us really hard, and we pushed ourselves and each other with lots of encouragement to achieve our Personal Bests in Cross Country running.....we were all exhausted - especially after singing together...Friday we were able to come to school in Non-Uniform to raise money for CAFOD. 

Oh and a drawing of a cat has mysteriously appeared on the whiteboard in the classroom.....

For Donna: For being very supportive when someone needs help, from Chanelle. For Ciaran: For being a great team player at lunchtime, from George. For Martina: for doing her best and making the team feel better, from Donna. For Kieran: For making us all laugh! From Jayla and Alexa. For Charlotte: For working hard in our Group and getting work done! From Jayla. For Eva: For being organised and including everyone's ideas in Group work, from Molly. For Noah: For being generous and kind, from Molly. For Sophia: for always walking into School with a smile, from Jenny. For Mr Long: For making the class feel good and make the team unite as one, from Donna and Chanelle. For Jenny: For being a good friend and always being there for me, from Sophia. For Mr Long: For reading Room13 so well and with expression, from Kieran. For Alexa: For being organised in our Group and helping everyone out, from Jayla. For Noah: For a thoughtful observation in RE when discussing headlines, from Mrs Savelli. For Chanelle: for giving us as much information about the 70's, thank you from Zach, Jenni, Verity and Ciaran. For Martina: for being a great leader and helping when stuck, from Nathan. For Mrs Reeves: For rescuing me when I got my spectacles stuck in my lacey top! From Mrs Kaye. For Ethan, Xavier, Leanne and Kirsten: For cooperating well and completing the draft work, from Ellie D.

Hi Ethan and Xavier here!!

Monday this week saw us prank Kieran and Miggy about our Class Reader Room 13.....they were not impressed! Yanni celebrated her birthday today too, so we enjoyed the sweets she'd bought in for us.

Our new Horstead display went up.....


Wednesday - we did some brain-aching maths involving Negative Numbers and blanks to fill in. We also discussed the Library responsibility which Year6 has and how that might be made fairer. Fortunately we have come to an agreement to ensure everyone who wishes to be a Librarian has a fair opportunity to support the Library sessions at lunchtime.


On Thursday - 2 peculiar things happened - firstly the WiFi was down in school.....we couldn't use the internet and so had to revert to using paper registers! WOW. Also Mrs Kaye's glasses became attached to her t-shirt - fortunately Mrs Reeves was on hand to rescue her and free the glasses!!

Also today we completed our designs for our Christmas Cards....yes you have read that correctly - Christmas Cards!! The Friends of the School have asked each child to design their own Cards....we cant wait to see the finished Cards nearer Christmas.

To George: for the good work on hall duty. from Jayla. To Annie: for encouraging me to run all the way. from Ellie De. To Ellie De: thank you for giving me encouragement when I wanted to stop in P.E. from Jayla. To Annie: for being the first person to get to 21 in Maths with only using 66566. from Sophia. To Mrs Wright: for rescuing me when I got stuck in my tray! from George. To Bella: for completing 12 laps in P.E. with only a 1 minute stop. from Eva. To Martina: for helping and being a great friend. from Nathan. To Ellie D for supporting people in P.E.! from Molly. To George: for persevering through our running lesson. From Kieran. To Bella: for always being helpful and being there when you need her. From Molly. To Noah: for pushing himself in running. from Zach. To Verity for reaching 32 laps in the sponsored walk. from Ellie De. To Chanelle: well done for trying your best in the sponsored walk even though you had wind rashes. from Yanni. To Martina: for helping me in Maths when I'm stuck. from Noah. To Verity: for pushing herself all the way in running. from George. To Ellie D: for battling through cross country and not giving up! from Annie. To George: for lapping me 3 times on the sponsored run. Annie. To Mia: for encouraging me to keep going in our cross country. from Charlotte. To Yanni: thank you for encouraging me on the sponsored walk. from Kirsten. To Molly: for being kind and helpful to everyone. from Bella. to Sophia: for saying I was really good and telling me to keep going on the sponsored walk. from Jenny. 

Hey, Charlotte and Alexa here and this is the first ever blog of Year 6 for 2016-17!!! First we are going to write about Horstead (of course).

So first we left in the morning and went on the coach (which was very boring) and got there at 9:45. Then we got into our rooms and unpacked (if you want to know more about the activities, skip this bit!) and then went downstairs to look. After that we were split into three groups and went off to do our activities (Canoeing, Crate Stacking, Climbing Tower/ Zip line, rafting, Archery, team building and the Night walk). We got introduced to Chris (the lead instructor), Sarah, Kai, Isaac, Ellie, Maddie and Sam.

My first activity was Archery, which I had never done before. We were instructed by Chris and Isaac, they taught how to aim the bow and arrow. Next we played a game and we got into 2 teams. We went first and we had to fire the bow and arrow to get a higher score than the other team. Sadly, we lost by 1 point.

Now me Charlotte. I did Canoeing first and it was amazing! First we learned who to canoe then we played a game called ‘donkey’. We had to get the ball (which floated on the river) and then throw it into someone else’s and if it got in the people in that canoe had to make donkey noises. It was really funny!!!

After that we had lunch and next we had Crate stacking which was nerve racking and really exciting at the same time. We got to 14 crates!

Back to me (Alexa), after we did canoeing and we played football but we were using our hands. I was with Ellie H, Kieran and Mike and we won 2-1.

After our 2 activities all the groups joined together for raft building so we spilt into 2 teams and we had to work together to build a safe raft. After we built it we put 2 people on the raft which was Me (Alexa) and Yanni. We were halfway until we fell in and the water was slightly cold and I had to bring back the raft, which heavy. Then charlotte went with Donna and at the very end they fell in. Nathan, Ricardo (aka Miggy) and Ethan went and it was really funny because they fell in right at the beginning.

Then once we all had a go we got into a line and we did the Mexican jump which was awesome!!

After we were all soaked so we went back and took a shower and everyone settled for dinner. We had Jacket potato, sausages (which were delicious!), baked beans and salad. 

After we ate, we all went for a night walk, then we sat in the lounge and drank hot chocolate with some KitKat while reading our class book Room 13.


In the morning (Tuesday) we made our lunch which was sandwiches and for breakfast we had toast and cereal. Then we all got changed.


I did team building, first we did the helium stick. Then we spider ball, we had to hold some rope to make the ball balance and we did that in 2 goes! After we played mine field which was fun but challenging, we played quick sand and it was really hard Kieran slipped then died, haha!!

While they did that we did the Climbing Tower and Zipline. Some of the us who did it were scared at first but when we did it, it was EPIC!!!!

We finished by packing up and saying goodbye to everyone.

There's a separate slideshow of photos taken over the two days below...have a look and see what an awesome time we had!!

Wednesday, we returned to school after a great couple of days at Horstead. In the afternoon we did RE and had the funniest acting EVER! We were retelling a parable in a modern version. 




Thursday was a pretty normal day except it was BOILING HOT!! And then on Friday (typically!) it was pouring with rain!

In Maths we played Countdown and George and Noah got a solution. At lunch there was a pool table and we played it but it was really noisy!! At Praise Assembly Jenny got a certificate from Ruby and all of year 6 got a certificate from Mrs. Savelli. Alexa got 23 on her times tables!!


A new week dawned and while we were doing math George got his hand eaten by his tray!! Lol...the week was pretty uneventful after that!

Thursday however we did hold the now annual sponsored walk. Both KS1 and KS2 joined in and everyone did really well. The weather was good and everything went well.


Friday it was nice to see Father David who led our Mass to celebrate the feast day of our Lady of Walsingham (which is actually on Saturday) and of course who could forget in Maths Jayla (having drawn a moustache earlier), she decided to grow one today instead!!!


That's all for now,

Charlotte and Alexa

To Eva: Thank you for encouraging me to go on the Zip-Line! If I hadn't, I would have regretted it, from Leanne. To All Year 6: For demonstrating that you are able to work together so well in Groups. You shared excellent teamwork, with everyone contributing and listening well to each others ideas. A pleasurable RE afternoon! Mrs Savelli. To Jenny: For giving me courage at Horstead! From Ruby. To Martina: For helping me in Maths when I struggled, from Noah. To the whole class: for encouraging each other in difficult things at Horstead, from Jennifer. To Eva: For encouraging Leanne to go on the Zip-Line and Leanne found it fun, from Chanelle. To Noah: Great Maths - you worked really hard! From Martina. To Ellie D: For helping me in Maths - thank you, from Jennifer. To Leanne: for riding the Zip-Line, even though she is terrified of heights and didn't want to go on, from Eva.  To Ruby: She was a bit home-sick but she was very brave, from Martina.

For Noah; for being the first to be changed for PE instead of last! From Ruby. To Donna; great speech, you were amazing. From Martina. For Jenni; for persevering through the maths challenges. From Ellie. For Ellie DS; good answer in Mass - an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. From Mia. For Chanelle; going for School Council - eventhough she is shy, from Charlotte and Leanne. For Ellie DS; for helping me in Maths - thank you. From Jennifer. For Verity; instead of listening to Mr Long read Room 13 she chose to help me with my Maths, thank you. From Sophia. For Ruby; for persevering in Maths and helping me understand where I went wrong! From Molly. 

What an exciting start to life in Year 6 we've had! This week we've been getting used to a new classroom and a new teacher - Mr Long...

Have a look below at our Personal Bests Board - here we're going to record our PBs for sport, maths, etc..

We can update them weekly to see how we're improving through the term.

We also held the eagerly anticipate School Council Presentations on Friday. Those who wanted to stand for School Council had prepared a short presentation to give to the class, and of course we were able to vote for our chosen representatives. We will wait with anticipation for the results which will be announced on the 29th September!

We've also got a 'Year Six's Shout Outs' Board.....

As we go through the week, this is for us (yes us pupils) to nominate our Class friends for praise. If we feel that someone has been particularly helpful, supportive etc to another pupil then this is worth recognising and celebrating. Also if someone has perhaps worked particularly hard, made extra effort, persevered in their work then this too could be included as a Shout Out. Really it's noting anything where someone has gone that extra mile for either their own personal development or to support another. It's great because its making us think about how we approach our learning and how we work together as a team, supporting each other.

Have a look at the Shout Outs from this week above......