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Parent Governor Elections 2015


Parent Governors Appointed

At the deadline for nominations for Parent Governor on Thursday, 9th July 2015, two nominations had been received. Hence both nominees will be appointed to the Governing body.

Your new Parent Governors are:

Susan Irving - please click HERE for self written pen portrait

Susan and her family live closer to the school than any other family on roll. Almost pied piper like, she will be known to most of you as the child-minder who gathers children at home time. Mother of two boys, she will bring invaluable experience of the school to the Governing Body.

Daniel Goodrum - please click HERE for self written pen portrait

Again, Daniel lives very close to the school with his wife and two young daughters. Although he hasn't been associated with the school for very long his involvement with FOSA has been invaluable. He can supply a fresh outlook on the school as his girls progress through the school years.





There will be no need to hold an election (i.e. no ballot will be needed) if the number of nominations received are equal to, or less than, the number of vacancies. 

The composition of the governing body detailing the number of parent governors is set out in the Instrument of Government of the school. 

After reconstitution a parent governor will have a term of office of four years unless the Instrument of Government states otherwise. 

Under the 2012 School Governance Regulations, a person is disqualified from election or appointment as a parent governor of a school if they are an elected member of the LA (a County Councillor) or if they work at the school for more than 500 hours (i.e. for more than one-third of the hours of a full-time equivalent) in a school year (at the time of election or appointment). 

Any governor may resign at any time during their period of office. 

A parent governor does not have to resign when his/her child leaves the school, but is able to complete his/her term of office. 

Parents standing as candidates in the election may not propose or second themselves. 

Each parent/guardian shall be entitled to return one ballot paper irrespective of the number of children in the family attending the school. 

Each parent/guardian shall be entitled to vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies in the election. No arrangement shall be made for proxy voting. 

Each ballot paper must be returned by the date and time fixed by the Headteacher, in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Headteacher of the school, indicating it contains a ballot paper and bearing no other mark. Any ballot papers received that are not in sealed envelopes will be invalid. The ballot papers will remain unopened in a secure place until the count commences. 

All candidates or their representatives will be invited to attend the counting of the ballot papers. 

A notice of the result of the election will be posted on the school notice board for a period of 14 days from the "date of the election". During this period any candidate, proposer or seconder of a candidate, or any ten parents may object to the result of the election. 

Further information about becoming a Governor can be found on the following websites: