Our Local Governing Body comprises of a committed band of volunteers who monitor and make decisions about St. Augustine's, it's pupils and staff. They also make sure that the Head Teacher and staff perform their statutory duties. The Local Governing Body works closely with the Directors of our St John the Baptist Catholic Multi-Academy Trust and share many policies with the CMAT. Decisions and policies are made at the appropriate level of need, either for St Augustine's alone or shared between all the schools in the CMAT.

Many have served as Governors for a while, others have become Governors just recently. Some are appointed by the Bishop, others by their colleagues on the school staff and some elected by the parents/ carers to represent the Parents/ Carers.

There are regular Governors meetings to discuss topics such as Budget, Admissions, Buildings, Policies, Staffing, Safeguarding, Curriculum, Attainment and much more.

If you wish to contact the Governors you may do so by writing to the Chair of Governors, Joe Zammit:

Mail: ‘Private & Confidential’ 19 West End, Costessey, Norfolk, NR8 5AG

Email: ‘FAO Chair of Governors – Private & Confidential’ 

As St Augustine’s is part of St John the Baptist Catholic MAT our Members, Trustees and Directors information is kept up to date on our MAT website, available here.

The current memorandum of association and articles of association for St. John the Baptist Catholic MAT can be found on the MAT website, available here.

School Governors

Chair of Governors  Vice Chair 
Joseph Zammit Ellie Wright
Foundation Governors  Parent Governors 

Jennifer Hart

Adela Matin

Ellie Wright

Louise Dhorajiwala

Josh Hallam

Staff Governor  Co-opted Governors 
Niamh Costello

Virginia Boys

Kate Lewis


Governor  Phase Link  Roles 
Joseph Zammit  EYFS Safeguarding, Prevent, Health & Safety
Jennifer Hart  KS1 Religious Education, Relationships & Sex Education
Adela Matin  KS1 Religious Education, Relationships & Sex Education
Josh Hallam LKS2

Special Educational Need &/or Disability (SEND), Looked After Children (LAC),
English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Ellie Wright  LKS2 Special Educational Need &/or Disability (SEND), Looked After Children (LAC),
English as an Additional Language (EAL)
Louise Dhorajiwala  UKS2 Pupil Premium Grant (PPG),
School Sports Premium Grant (SSPG)
Virginia Boys  Staff Wellbeing

Governor Body Attendance

Governors may be contacted via the school at 19 West End, Costessey, Norfolk, NR8 5AG. Letters should be clearly marked for their attention.

For general queries about the Local Governing Body please contact the Clerk: Andrea Eke by email to

No Governor has any declared interests business and pecuniary interests ( set at the first yearly full LGB Meeting).

No Governor is a Governor at any other Educational Establishment.

No Governor is a relative of any of the school staff or a Governor at another school or a Director of the SJB CMAT.

Governors attendance for Full Local Governing Meetings has been 100% this academic year.

As an Academy within the St John the Baptist Catholic Multi-Academy Trust the Local Governing Body take on tasks delegated to them through the CMAT Scheme of Delegation (to see the Scheme of Delegation please see the St John the Baptist CMAT webpage at These delegated tasks include some local policies as well as organising  admissions.

Governors are dedicated volunteers, who give up their time and expertise for free. Many have had or still have children at the school. Some have contributed time to the Costessey Community or the Church. All are working to make sure that St. Augustine’s is working hard to fulfil its mission statement to provide quality education enshrined in the tradition of the Catholic faith.

Governing Body Meetings

The Governors meet at least once a term to discuss regular and important topics. Last academic year they discussed:

  • Cluster and CMAT events, business and finance.
  • Teacher’s Pay and Conditions
  • SEN policy
  • Safeguarding
  • Admissions Arrangements
  • School Redevelopment
  • FOSA events and contributions to the school ... and much more.

Norfolk Catholic Cluster of Schools

In 2011 Children’s Services at County hall recognised the individual and unique nature of the Catholic schools in the county  and set up a ‘Catholic Cluster’ of schools to enable them to work together and pursue their common aims. These schools are all within the St John the Baptist CMAT but receive extra funding from the LA to support additional SEN needs.The schools in the cluster are:

  • Notre Dame High School, Norwich.
  • St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School, Costessey.
  • St. Mary & St Peter Catholic Primary School & Nursery, Gorleston.
  • St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School, Norwich.

The parent support advisor, Lorna Pearce, is employed by the Cluster to work across all these schools.

Committees and Working Groups

The work of the Governing body is varied and time consuming. So that Governors can work efficiently, and to make good use of the varied talents available, the bulk of the discussions take place in committee meetings. These have recently been redesigned so as to number just the two as shown below, with other Committees e.g. Discipline & Complaints appointed as and when needed:

  • Resources– to set and monitor the budget and any other financial matters and procedures, buildings condition, health and safety,
  • Standards & Improvement ( including Admissions) – looking at teaching, learning, performance, targets and results as well as Admissions for YR, YN and in year admissions.

These committees report back to both the full Local Governing Body and the CMAT directors.

St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School
19 West End, Old Costessey, Norwich NR8 5AG

TEL: 01603 743317

FAX: 01603 743833