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At St Augustine's we promote many aspects of Health and Well Being through our Assemblies, Daily Physical Activities, home learning challenges, within other areas of our curriculum and through our whole school culture.

Within our PE Lessons, we use REAL PE which actively promotes and encourages children to consider key aspects of their Health and Well Being.

We expect all pupils to know how to stay healthy and to recognise what constitutes an unhealthy lifestyle.  There are many opportunities for children to discuss 'Being Healthy' and what to do when illness occurs. Health professionals such as the Community Dental Worker visits classes to promote good teeth care.

National health screening programmes are provided in school:

  • In Reception all pupils have their eyesight and hearing checked.
  • In Reception, Year 1, 2, 3 and Y4 all pupils are offered a Flu Vaccination.
  • In Year 6 all pupils are offered a height and weight check.

We actively promote Health and Well Being initiatives, such as Aldi's 'Get Set to Eat Fresh'. We encourage children to complete Healthy Half Termly tasks, both in school and at home. Examples include using Fitness Trackers to measure our steps and trying to beat our Personal Best, Designing and creating healthy balanced meals, completing an activity on the National Trust's '50 things to do before you are 11 3/4'  and focusing on wellbeing and Random Acts of Kindness.

We actively encourage daily physical activity in many ways throughout the school, from challenging ourselves to improve with the Daily Mile, to Dance and Movement challenges with 'Jump Start Jonny' and BBC 'Super Movers', as well as Cosmic Yoga and Headspace mindfulness sessions. In EYFS, Mindfulness Monsters supports the children's understanding of Health and wellbeing.

Your child's wellbeing

Do you have concerns about your child's health and wellbeing? Has your child experienced a difficult situation which they have found difficult to cope with? Has something happened in the past or recently to unsettle your child, for example bereavement, a family separation, or violence? We encourage you to support any concerns or difficulties to us, so we can help your child to feel safe and supported. Please let us know your concerns by filling in this form, or having a chat with your child's class teacher. Thank you.

Parent reported wellbeing concerns

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