Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Each child brings a range of individual experiences to school and some may have needs which require different forms of support. At St. Augustine’s we aim to recognise all strengths of our children and use them as a foundation for future learning. 

Some children will require extra support if they are to fully explore and learn from the world around them. Progress within the National Curriculum is closely monitored so that individual needs can be met. We use the 'assess, plan, do, review' model to plan provision for a child with SEND. The child can provide their views in this process whenever possible.

For those children who need extra support to learn in their class setting, the school SENDCo will work with the class teacher to plan the best provision to meet the child's needs and to provide any advice and support for parents as it is required. When class assessments show further support is required, the SENDCo can seek a specialist consultation visit by any of the following: a dedicated Educational Psychologist, Learning Support teacher, Autistic Support Worker, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Sensory Support Assessor to ensure that the correct provision is in place. Our Parent Support Advisor Lorna Pearce,  is always available to support families and children who are experiencing social or emotional difficulties and to provide advice where it is required.

It is part of our ethos to provide a caring and welcoming environment wherein everyone’s talents are recognised and developed. The school’s admission policy does not discriminate against pupils with disabilities or medical conditions and all pupils are offered a broad and balanced curriculum.

Recent remodeling of the school allows disabled access to most areas of the building.

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St Augustine's SEND Policy and SEN Information Report

SEND Policy 2018 

SEN Information Report 2017-18 

Accessibility Plan 2016-19

MAT SEN Family Leaflet 2017-18



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