Breakfast Club

Welcome to St. Augustine’s Breakfast Club webpage.

Our Breakfast Club started in September 2016, in response to parental requests, and is run by experienced members of school staff. We run from 8.00am until 8.55am in the classroom at the top of the slope (next to the KS2 playground).

PLEASE NOTE: Children (up to and including Y4) must be accompanied to the Breakfast Club door by an adult. Please enter the school premises via the pedestrian gates.

Breakfast - a choice of cereals, fruit juice / milk, followed by toast with honey or jam, with a weekly treat of croissants / pancakes or similar - is served between 8.00am and 8.30am. During the winter we also made porridge. Other suggestions are welcome.

Once the children have eaten, they have time to play with toys such as marble run, build a model with Lego, play games, make puzzles, draw or colour pictures or read. On occasion, seasonal craft activities are available e.g. fireworks pictures with chalk or making decorations and ‘reindeer food’ at Christmas. It’s lovely to see how the children of all ages interact and get along with each other, sometimes working as a group to make models. At about 8.45 everyone helps to clear up and put away the toys before preparing to join their classes at 8.55.

If you would like your child/ren to join St. Augustine’s Breakfast Club, please speak to the office staff for further information regarding availability and cost.

Click here for the Breakfast Club Charging Policy.

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