F.O.S.A.   -      Friend's of St. Augustine's School




What is FOSA?

The Friends of St Augustine’s (or FOSA) is the parent-teacher organisation for St Augustine’s. Our aim is to support the school through the provision of extra-curricular activities for the children, and fundraising for those extra items of equipment that make school more fun.

Am I a member of FOSA?

Yes, all parents are members of FOSA.

Can I help?

Yes! There are always events and activities taking place that require volunteers. See what's coming up on the FOSA Events section of the school website. We are also on Facebook - click here to take a look, like the page and share with other parents to help spread news about future events.

How much time would I have to give?

As much or as little as you can afford!

All parents lead busy lives, and while some parents are able to give time to attend meetings, others can’t. If your child goes to film club, could you stay to help set-up or stay a little later to help clear away? Alternatively request to receive the minutes of the FOSA meetings and then let us know which events you would be able to help with. Just email us at fosa_1820@yahoo.com

I have an idea for a fundraiser, but I can’t come to meetings. What should I do?

Many Committee members can be found on the playground (see below) – let them know your ideas, they are very approachable and happy to discuss ideas and take them to the committee. Alternatively drop a note into the school office marked for the attention of ‘FOSA’ or send an email to: fosa_1820@yahoo.com. You can also send a message via our Facebook page here.


Current Committee Members           

Mr Daniel Goodrum (Chair) Ms Amy Burke (Treasurer)
Mr Godwin  (Secretary) Miss Rachel Swindell (Head of School)