FOSA Funds


What did FOSA fund recently and why?

Key Stage 2 Shelter

The upper playground used by KS2 is now to receive a shelter for parents collecting and dropping children off on days when our fine British weather is at it's best! The lower KS1 playground has had one in place for some time so this will be a welcome addition for parents of older children. 


Outdoor Table Tennis

Keeping children active is always important. The two new table tennis tables will prove a great way to promote fitness in a way that is fun and engaging as well as being a great focal point for socialising. 

First Day of School Parents Survival Kit

The first day at school can be a scary experience, often for the parents as much as the child. To help make this big step a little less daunting, the parents of each child starting Reception this year were given a bag of thoughtful items to brighten their day.

£900 of Travel funds; £100 for each class (including nursery)

School trips are an exciting adventure for children, but can be expensive. To reduce the financial burden on parents, FOSA agreed to provide each class £100 to support a school trip(s). 

Stage Lighting for the Hall

The lighting board in the hall was condemned by the electrician and very energy hungry. The new lights are LED and low energy and , of course, more effective, colourful and have greater coverage of our stage area.


If you have any other ideas for spending the FOSA funds, please let us know! Email, visit us on Facebook or leave a message with the school office addressed to FOSA.