Compiled by the Children,

for the Children.



100 Things

to do

Before you Leave

St. Augustine’s.

Download the list HERE


Every child should try to…


1.        Visit a Church or Cathedral

2.        Do a reading/prayer at mass in school or church

3.        Go to rosary group

4.        Get your times table certificate

5.        Make something for charity

6.        Try water skiing

7.        Learn to play an instrument

8.        Learn how to sew

9.        See a real dolphin

10.     Keep a diary

11.     Ride on a rollercoaster

12.     Use a metal detector

13.     Make a daisy chain

14.     Go rock pooling

15.     Go pond dipping

16.     Visit a museum

17.     Ride a horse

18.     Learn to ride a bike

19.     Throw a surprise party for someone

20.     Fly a kite

21.     Go out with the whole family

22.     Make up your own game

23.     Learn to read a compass and map

24.     Break a world record

25.     Do something as part of a team

26.     See a mole

27.     Run a mile

28.     Hold your breath for as long as possible

29.     Sit in a tree house

30.     Stay up all night

31.     Make a secret language or code

32.     Make a den

33.     Climb a wall

34.     Write your own myth or fable

35.     Find a rare plant

36.     Fish in a river

37.     See a live sporting event

38.     Go to the cinema

39.     See a play at the theatre

40.     Come to school in fancy dress

41.     Go into a windmill

42.     Go into a lighthouse

43.     Learn to cook a meal

44.     See a shooting star/comet/northern lights

45.     Be first in the pool on holiday

46.     Dress up as an animal

47.     Ring church bells

48.     Make your own world

49.     Go paintballing

50.     Make a video



51.     Grow a really tall sunflower

52.     Watch the sunset

53.     Watch the sunrise

54.     Go stargazing

55.     Go crabbing at the seaside

56.     Create a bug hotel

57.     Make a snow angel

58.     Do an act in the Talent Show

59.     Visit Bewilderwood

60.     Roll down a hill

61.     Paint a picture

62.     Try archery

63.     Write a poem or prayer to read aloud

64.     Hold a new baby

65.     Jump in a muddy puddle

66.     Dive into a pool

67.     Go on a long bike ride

68.     Grow your own fruit or vegetables and eat them

69.     Watch a black and white movie

70.     Write a letter and post it to someone outside the UK

71.     Swim 25 metres

72.     Enter a competition

73.     Make a cake

74.     Climb a tree

75.     Go camping in a tent

76.     Visit a National Trust site

77.     Mow a lawn

78.     Pick wild berries

79.     Swim in the sea

80.     Feed an animal

81.     Watch an egg hatch

82.     Play chess

83.     Make something out of wood

84.     Do real first aid

85.     To use the correct hand signals when cycling

86.     Feed the ducks

87.     Catch a butterfly

88.     Try foreign food

89.     Jump in leaves

90.     Go sledging

91.     Make a fire safely

92.     Roast marshmallows on a campfire

93.     Prepare a meal: grow it, cook it and eat it

94.     Speak to someone in a foreign language

95.     Read a whole series of books

96.     Make a treasure hunt

97.     Make bird food

98.     Get an autograph from someone famous

99.     Compliment someone

       100. Hold a frog