Our Mission Statement

We try to follow Jesus by loving each other and caring for God's world.

The Aims of St. Augustine's School

St. Augustine’s, like all Catholic Schools, is distinctive because our entire educational policy and approach is inspired by and flows from the vision of life which is enshrined in our faith tradition. Our Catholic faith perspective is not simply an added extra but it is integrated into the whole life of the school and permeates the whole curriculum. At St. Augustine’s we believe that a Christian vision of life allows human beings to be more complete as persons. It is our aim to present it, live it and celebrate it, without imposing it on pupils or parents.

This aim will be achieved by giving due attention to Standards, Quality, Efficiency and Ethos.

  • To achieve the highest possible standards in relation to the pupils’ age and ability.
  • To provide the children with teaching of high quality and a curriculum which meets their needs and the requirements of the national curriculum.
  • To plan realistically and use the schools resources efficiently to ensure good value for money from the available funds.
  • To help the children develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding and to achieve good standards in personal relationships.
  • To encourage a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and the ways in which it and other religious traditions seek to express the significance of human life.

St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School
19 West End, Old Costessey, Norwich NR8 5AG

TEL: 01603 743317

FAX: 01603 743833

EMAIL: office@st-augustines.norfolk.sch.uk